Collier County Inmate Search 2024

Collier County sits along Florida’s scenic southwest coast on the panhandle of the Everglades. With around 390,000 residents, Collier County is home to Naples, Marco Island, Immokalee and other communities.

Like all counties, Collier maintains jails and a court system to process local arrests and cases. Performing a Collier County inmate search can provide helpful data for various needs.

This guide explains the best methods for researching current and past Collier County jail inmates. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

Collier County Inmate Search

Collier County Jail, FL Inmate Search, Visitation Hours

Postal Code34112
CountyCollier County
Phone Number239-774-4434
TypeCounty Jail
Location3301 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL, 34112
Official WebsiteCollier County Sheriff’s Jail

Searching for Current Collier County Inmates

If you need to lookup someone currently detained in Collier County, utilize these inmate search tools:

Collier County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The most direct method is the Collier County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup. The CCSO runs the county jail and makes this search portal available online.

Visit their website and find the inmate search page. You can lookup inmates by first name, last name, date of birth, booking date, or booking number. Hitting “Search” displays matches with mugshots, full name, booking date, expected release date, housing location, bail amount, and charges.

This lookup provides real-time information on people in custody at Collier County jails.

Collier County Daily Jail Roster

Another approach is consulting the CCSO’s daily jail roster or booking log. The Sheriff’s Office releases these inmate lists to the public regularly.

Local newspapers like the Naples Daily News often publish the roster after obtaining it from the CCSO. Websites like also aggregate and post the jail bookings data.

Checking the roster can reveal anyone booked within the past few days. However, it only covers recent intakes.

Collier County Jail Visitation System

To visit an inmate in person at a Collier County jail, you must use the online jail visitation system. Visitors can create an account and schedule appointment times through this portal.

The website provides directions, visiting hours, identification rules, and other instructions. Visiting an inmate directly allows you to get current updates on their status.

Contact Collier County Jail Staff

If you require additional inmate details not available through public searches, try contacting Collier County jail staff directly. Explain what information you need regarding a particular inmate. If permitted by regulations, staff may provide certain non-sensitive data.

Calling the inmate records office or visiting the jail are options for inquiries. Staff can potentially lookup and share info not found elsewhere.

Searching Past Collier County Inmates

To lookup records on former Collier County inmates no longer in custody, use these search tools:

Collier County Clerk of Courts Website

The Collier County Clerk of Courts maintains a searchable online database of criminal records and court cases.

You can search past charges, case proceedings, sentences, periods of incarceration, probation details, and more. Lookup by defendant name and birthdate.

The Clerk’s records contain extensive historical data on former inmates and case histories.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office Records Request

To obtain records on former inmates held in Collier County jails, file an official records request with the CCSO. Forms and instructions are on their website.

If you have specific needs regarding a past inmate, the Sheriff’s Office may be able to search their archives and provide records if available and releasable.

State Inmate Database Search

Check the Florida Department of Corrections database to lookup inmates who served felony prison time. Search by name, ID, etc.

Resources like VINELink also search for inmates across Florida prisons.

Background Check Reports

Paying for a comprehensive background check report on an individual from a public records provider can compile criminal and incarceration history from various sources. These private searches aid in uncovering old inmate data.

Tips for Collier County Inmate Lookups

Use these handy tips when performing Collier County inmate searches:

  • Search using the inmate’s full first and last legal name when possible – nicknames may not match.
  • Try alternate spellings of common names like Johnson/Johnsen if unsure of exact spelling.
  • Use birth date or age if you have it, as names in systems can contain typos.
  • Attempt just a last name search for less common surnames – you may still get a hit.
  • Search by booking date ranges if you know approximate arrest date.
  • Check both current and past records systems – incarceration can pre-date arrests.
  • Follow up via phone or in-person visit if online searches provide no leads.
  • Leverage bail bondsmen resources if you need help finding someone in custody.

Understanding Collier County Inmate Records

When searching for inmates, you may encounter various Collier County record types:

  • Arrest Records – Details charges, arresting agency, booking intake.
  • Court Records – Cases, hearings, convictions, sentences.
  • Incarceration Records – Periods of detention in jail or prison.
  • Probation Records – For non-prison sentences.
  • Booking Photos/Mugshots – Inmate intake photographs.
  • Visitor Logs – Documentation of jail visitors.
  • Release Records – Type of release, such as bail, served time, court order.

Familiarizing yourself with these records can help make sense of what you find in an inmate search.

Locating Collier County Detention Facilities

If you need to visit an inmate in person or access on-site records, below are key Collier County jail locations:

  • Collier County Jail – 3301 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112 – Main county jail housing inmates.
  • Collier County Courthouse – 3327 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112 – Primary courthouse.
  • Immokalee Jail Center – 15000 Immokalee Rd, Immokalee, FL 34142 – Second county jail.

Visiting policies vary, so call ahead before going to the jails. The courthouse records office can also provide record lookups as needed.

About the Collier County Sheriff’s Office

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is responsible for:

  • Administering the county jails and inmate population.
  • Managing inmate transportation, medical care and security.
  • Maintaining inmate databases and search tools.
  • Releasing inmates per court orders or after posting bond.
  • Working with courts on inmate cases and proceedings.
  • Providing certain inmate information to authorized requestors.

Knowing the CCSO’s role can help when navigating the inmate search process. The Sheriff’s Office controls much of the related data.

What If You Can’t Find a Collier County Inmate?

If you encounter dead ends when searching for a Collier County inmate, some potential reasons:

  • The inmate has been released already – check release dates.
  • They were transferred to another facility you didn’t search.
  • They are in DOC custody, not the county jail.
  • They used an alias or nickname unfamiliar to you.
  • Court orders or laws restrict access to their records.
  • Database errors or omissions occurred.
  • Records are sealed or expunged after release.
  • Juvenile inmate records are confidential.

Exhaust every option before assuming non-detection means the person is not incarcerated currently or previously. Think creatively and don’t give up too soon.

Collier County Incarceration Statistics

The number of people being locked up in Collier County has risen a lot over the past 45 years. Back then, around 156 people were put in jail in the county each year. Now that number has shot up by 406% to 790 inmates yearly.

Even though more and more women are being put in jail in Collier County, men still make up most of the new inmates. About 666 men per 100,000 county residents are admitted to jail each year. That’s way higher than the rate for women.

In summary, incarceration rates in Collier County have increased massively since the 1970s. The number of inmates per year has gone up over 400%. Men are still the vast majority of new inmates compared to women in the county’s jails. But both rates keep rising year after year.

Inmate Population and Incarceration Rates in Collier County, FL

Collier County has one of the highest jail incarceration rates in the state of Florida. Out of the total 696 inmates currently in Collier County jails, only 790 have actually been convicted and sentenced.

The other 703 inmates have not yet gone to trial or been convicted. These pretrial inmates are either awaiting trial, actively being tried, or waiting for a verdict.

So in Collier County, most of the people locked up in jail have not yet been found guilty. Only a small portion of the total jail population are inmates who have been convicted and sentenced after a trial. The majority are pretrial detainees still going through the justice process.

Collier County Jail Facility and Inmate Contact Information

Phone Number to Reach this Facility is: 239-774-4434

Send Mail to the Facility (not inmates):

  • Collier County Jail
  • 3347 Tamiami Trail E,
  • Naples, FL 34112

To Send Mail to an Inmate at Collier County Jail:
(please get a list of acceptable mail from the facility)

  • Collier County Jail
  • Inmate Name, Inmate ID
  • 3347 Tamiami Trail E,
  • Naples, FL 34112

Sending Mail and Care Packages

Inmates at Collier County Jail can get mail! There’s no limit on how many letters they can send or receive. But the jail does check all non-official mail for security reasons and may make copies.

To be safe, send mail through the US Postal Service to the jail’s address. As for packages – check if they’re allowed and what items the jail permits before sending.

Sending Money

While inmates have accounts to store money, how you send funds is restricted. No cash! Send money orders by mail instead. This is the only way to put money in an inmate’s account at Collier County Jail.

Phone Time

Inmates at Collier County Jail can phone approved people like attorneys and relatives. But calls are capped at 26 minutes max. So phone time is limited.

Visiting Inmates

Visitation at Collier County Jail allows for family, including siblings, grandparents, spouses, etc. Two non-relatives can also visit if approved. All visitors need a valid Florida ID and must sign in. For the full visiting rules, call the jail or check the website. Visiting a loved one inside can brighten their day!

So with some planning, you can connect with inmates through mail, money, calls, and visits. Just be sure to follow the facility’s rules. Staying in touch makes a difference!

Visitation Hours

DayOperating Hours
Monday7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday7:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Sunday7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Collier County Prisons and Jails

Facility NameAddressPhone
Collier Juvenile Detention Center3351 E Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL 34112239-417-6277
Collier County Immokalee Center302 Stockade Road, Immokalee, FL 34142239-657-2878
Collier County Sheriff’s Jail3301 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112239-774-4434

Collier County Sheriff Offices and Police Departments

Naples Police & Emergency Services355 Riverside Circle, Naples, FL 34102(239) 213-4844


Performing a successful Collier County inmate search requires using the right lookup tools and search strategies. The Sheriff’s inmate finder, Clerk’s court records, daily jail roster, and background checks together provide comprehensive inmate data.

Consider making direct inquiries via phone or in-person visit if public information is insufficient. With the proper approach, an effective Collier County inmate search is achievable.

In Summary

  • Check the Collier County Sheriff’s site for real-time inmate lookup.
  • Search court cases and past charges via the Clerk of Courts.
  • Lookup recent bookings in the daily jail roster on news sites.
  • Schedule visitation appointments through the jails’ web portal.
  • Contact jail staff for additional non-public inmate information if needed.
  • Recognize the various types of records associated with inmates.
  • Get directions to key county jail and courthouse locations if visiting in-person.
  • Understand the Sheriff’s role in managing inmates and their records.
  • Use investigative inmate search tools like VINELink if required.
  • Rule out reasons why an inmate can’t be found before assuming non-incarceration.

FAQs About Collier County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Collier County jail?

The best way is to use the inmate search tool provided by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office on their website. You can search by name, booking date, etc.

Does Collier County have inmate lookup?

Yes, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office provides an online inmate lookup tool to search for people detained in Collier County jails.

How do I visit an inmate in Collier County?

You must create an account and schedule appointments through the online visitation portal provided by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Visits must be arranged in advance.

Does Collier County have mugshots online?

No, Collier County does not post mugshots online, but some third party sites may publish Collier County mugshots obtained from other sources.

Where do they post mugshots in Collier County?

Local news outlets like Naples News may publish recent Collier County mugshots provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Private mugshot sites also sometimes post them.

How do I send money to an inmate in Collier County?

You can deposit funds into a Collier County inmate’s account electronically through the commissary service website or by mailing in a money order.

How can I lookup warrants in Collier County FL?

Active warrants can be searched on the Collier County Clerk of Court’s website. You can also call the Sheriff’s warrants division.

How do I find old Collier County jail records?

Contact the Collier County Records Division to inquire about researching historical jail records. Availability depends on the age of records sought.

How do I get my criminal record in Collier County FL?

Submit a background check request form to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to get your own criminal history report from their records.

Where is the Collier County Jail located?

The main Collier County Jail facility is located at 3301 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112.

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