Clay County Inmate Search 2024

Clay County sits in the northeastern part of Florida, south of Jacksonville. With around 220,000 residents, Clay County contains cities like Orange Park, Middleburg, and Green Cove Springs.

The county operates a jail and court system to process local arrests and cases. Conducting a Clay County inmate search can provide helpful information for many purposes.

This guide covers the best ways to lookup and locate current and former Clay County inmates. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

Searching for Clay County Jail Inmates

Clay County Inmate Search

If you need to find someone currently housed in the Clay County jail, you have a few options:

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The most direct method is using the Clay County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup tool. The Sheriff runs the county jail and makes this online search available.

To use it, go to the CCSO website and find the inmate search page. You can lookup inmates by first name, last name, date of birth, booking date, or booking number. Hitting “Search” displays matches including mugshots, full name, booking date, expected release date, bail amount, and charges.

This tool provides real-time data on people in custody at the Clay County Detention Facility.

Clay County Jail Rosters and Logs

Another approach for current inmates is consulting the daily jail roster or booking logs. The CCSO releases these to the public regularly.

Local news outlets like The Florida Times-Union publish the roster online after obtaining it from the Sheriff. Websites like also aggregate and post the jail’s bookings.

Checking these clay county arrest lists can reveal anyone booked into the jail within the past few days. However, rosters only cover recent intakes.

Clay County Correctional Facility Visitation

To visit an inmate in person, you can schedule visitation through the Clay County Correctional Facility system. Visitors must create an account to reserve visit times and dates.

The jail’s website provides directions, visiting hours, dress code, and identification requirements. Visiting an inmate directly allows you to get current status updates.

Contact Clay County Jail Staff

For any inmate details not available through public searches, try contacting Clay County jail staff directly. Explain what information you need – they may lookup and provide non-sensitive inmate info if permitted by regulations.

Calling the jail administrator’s office or visiting in-person are options for inquiring with staff.

Clay County, FL Jail and Prison System

lay County has a total of 79 jails. On average, there are about 172 inmates in these jails per day. The current jail population for Clay County is 95 inmates.

Of those 95 inmates, females make up the minority. There are 41 female inmates, which is 43% of the jail population. There are 51 male inmates in Clay County jails.

So in summary, Clay County has 79 jail facilities that house around 172 inmates daily. Right now there are 95 total inmates, with 41 females and 51 males. Female inmates represent 43% of the current jail population.

Looking Up Former Clay County Inmates

To find records on past Clay County inmates no longer in custody, utilize:

Clay County Clerk of Court Records

The Clay County Clerk of Court maintains an online searchable database of county criminal records and court cases.

You can lookup past charges, cases, sentences, periods of incarceration, probation details, and more. Search by defendant name and birthdate.

The Clerk’s records contain extensive historical data on former inmates and case histories.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Records Search

The CCSO can also search for former inmates in their databases. Call the records division to inquire about records lookups and records requests procedures.

If you have specific former inmate info needs, the Sheriff’s Office may be able to accommodate them if records are available.

State Inmate Databases

For felony inmates who served prison time, check the Florida Department of Corrections inmate database. Use VINELink or the FDC website to search inmates statewide.

Background Check Reports

Running a comprehensive background check from a public records provider can compile criminal and incarceration history from multiple sources. Paid reports from sites like can help locate elusive past inmate details.

Clay County Parole and Probation

What About Parole in Clay County?

Parole allows inmates to get released early from jail if they’ve shown remorse and good behavior. A parole board decides who gets parole.

Looking at Clay County parole records can reveal info like an inmate’s original sentence, crimes, where they were jailed, and parole rules. This helps you understand the conditions of their early release.

Checking Out Probation History in Clay County

Along with parolees, you can also look up probation records in Clay County. Probation is when someone avoids prison but has to follow strict rules under supervision.

Clay County probation records will show the crimes, sentence, court details, mugshots, fingerprints, and more. Unlike prison, probation means reporting to an officer weekly and other conditions.

But it beats jail time! Understanding probation records provides insight into an offender’s restrictions and journey.

So parole and probation records both give you the scoop on alternative paths some inmates take beyond just serving straight jail time.

Knowing how to access these Clay County records opens doors to valuable background insights. Let me know if you need any other tips on researching county records!

Tips for Clay County Inmate Searches

Use these search tips when looking for Clay County inmates:

  • Search by the inmate’s full first and last legal name when possible – nicknames may not match.
  • Try alternate name spellings if you are unsure – like Jon vs John.
  • Use birth date if you have it, as names in systems can have typos.
  • Attempt just a last name search for common surnames – you may get a hit.
  • Search by booking date ranges if you know approximate arrest date.
  • Check both current and past records – incarceration can pre-date an arrest.
  • Call the jail as a last resort if online searches fail.
  • Get help from a bail bondsman if you need assistance locating someone in custody.

Understanding Clay County Inmate Records

When searching for inmates, you may encounter various Clay County record types:

  • Arrest Records – Details charges, arresting agency, booking intake.
  • Court Records – Cases, hearings, convictions, sentences.
  • Incarceration Records – Periods of detention in jail or prison.
  • Parole Records – For inmates released early from prison.
  • Probation Records – For non-prison sentences.
  • Booking Photos/Mugshots – Inmate intake photos.
  • Visitor Logs – Documentation of jail visitors.
  • Release Records – Type of release, such as bail, served time, court order.

Learning the differences can help make sense of records found during an inmate search.

Locating Clay County Detention Facilities

If you need to visit an inmate in person or access records on-site, it helps to know Clay County jail locations:

  • Clay County Detention Facility – 901 North Orange Ave, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 – Main jail housing inmates.
  • Clay County Courthouse – 825 North Orange Ave, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 – Primary courthouse.

Visiting rules and hours can vary, so call the jail ahead of time. The courthouse records office can also provide record lookups if needed.

About the Clay County Sheriff’s Office

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is responsible for:

  • Managing and operating the county jail.
  • Overseeing inmate transport and security.
  • Maintaining inmate records and search/lookup tools.
  • Releasing inmates per court orders or after posting bond.
  • Coordinating with courts regarding inmate cases.
  • Providing public access to certain inmate data.
  • Fielding inmate information requests from authorized parties.

Knowing the CCSO’s role can help when navigating the inmate search process. The Sheriff’s Office directly controls much of the related data.

Additional Clay County Inmate Search Resources

Some other useful sources for locating Clay County inmates include:

  • VINELink Inmate Locator – Search Florida inmates statewide.
  • JailBase – Queries jail rosters and logs.
  • – Provides inmate lookup tools.
  • SearchQuarry – Contains official arrest records.
  • TruePeopleSearch – Searches current and past inmates nationwide.

Don’t forget to leverage these useful inmate data sources in your search process when needed.

What If You Can’t Find a Clay County Inmate?

If you hit roadblocks locating a Clay County inmate, some potential reasons:

  • The inmate is no longer in custody and records are now limited.
  • They were transferred to another facility you didn’t check.
  • They are in prison under DOC jurisdiction, not the county jail.
  • They used an alias or nickname unknown to you.
  • The inmate is a juvenile with protected info.
  • Court orders or laws restrict access to their records.
  • Booking errors or omissions into databases occurred.
  • Release records are not updated promptly after leaving custody.

If you exhaust all search methods, consider these possibilities before assuming non-detection equals not incarcerated. Persistence and creativity may still turn up leads.

Clay County Prisons and Jails

Facility NameAddressPhone
Federal Jails
Manchester FCI805 Fox Hollow Road, Manchester, KY 40962606-598-1900
Clay County JailPo Box 757, Ashland, AL 36251256-354-7713
Clay County JailPo Box 22, Fort Gaines, GA 39851229-768-2505
Clay County Jail901 North Orange Avenue, Po Box 548, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043904-213-5905
Clay County IL Jail300 Broadway, Po Box 267, Louisville, IL 62858618-665-3316
Clay County IN Jail (ICE)611 East Jackson Street, Brazil, IN 47834812-446-2535
Clay County KS Jail539 Lincoln Avenue, Clay Center, KS 67432785-632-5601
Clay County KY Detention Center67 Shamrock Road, Manchester, KY 40962606-598-2133
Clay County MN Jail and Annex915 9th Avenue North, Moorhead, MN 56560Jail 218-299-5163
West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC)729 11th St. N., Moorhead, MN 56561218-299-5150

Clay County Sheriff Offices and Police Departments

Police DepartmentAddressPhone
Green Cove Springs Police Department1001 Idlewild Avenue, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043(904) 297-7300
Orange Park Police Department2025 Smith Street, Orange Park, FL 32073(904) 264-5555


Finding current and former Clay County jail inmates requires using the right online search tools and understanding search strategies. The Sheriff’s inmate lookup, Clerk’s court records, daily jail rosters, and background checks together can provide comprehensive results.

Consider making direct inquiries to jail staff if public information proves insufficient. With the proper approach and resources, performing a detailed Clay County inmate search is achievable.

In Summary

  • Check the Clay County Sheriff’s inmate search site for real-time jail roster.
  • Lookup court cases and past charges through the Clerk of Court.
  • Search recent bookings on news sites publishing the daily jail list.
  • Schedule visitation with inmates through the jail’s web portal.
  • Contact Clay County jail staff if you need additional non-public data.
  • Understand the various types of inmate-related records you may uncover.
  • Get directions to the main county jail and courthouse facilities if visiting in person.
  • Recognize the Sheriff’s role in managing the county jail and its inmates.
  • Try investigative sites like VINELink and TruthFinder if needed.
  • If you hit dead ends, consider possible reasons before assuming non-incarceration.

FAQs About Clay County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Clay County jail?

The best way is to use the Clay County Sheriff’s Office inmate search portal on their website. You can search by first name, last name, booking date, etc.

Does Clay County have a jail view?

Yes, Clay County provides an online jail view called the Inmate Camera that allows you to see live video of inmates at the Clay County Detention Facility.

How do I visit an inmate in Clay County jail?

You must create an account and schedule visitation appointments through the Clay County Correctional Facility’s online visitation system. Visits must be arranged in advance.

Can you see inmates online in Clay County?

Yes, through the Inmate Camera system on the Clay County Sheriff’s Office website, you can view live video footage of inmates at the county jail facility.

How can I send money to an inmate in Clay County?

You can deposit funds into an inmate’s account electronically on the Clay County Sheriff’s website or by mailing in a money order to the Clay County Detention Facility.

How do I lookup Clay County warrants?

Active warrants can be searched on the Clay County Sheriff’s Office website. You can also contact the warrants division to inquire about any outstanding warrants.

How do you lookup arrests in Clay County FL?

The Clerk of Courts website allows searching Clay County arrests records. You can also find recent arrests in the Clay County jail roster published online.

Does Clay County have mugshots online?

Mugshots for recent Clay County bookings may be published on third-party sites like, but the Sheriff’s Office does not post mugshots online.

Where do they post mugshots in Clay County?

Local news sites like The Florida Times-Union and Action News Jax sometimes publish Clay County mugshots for recent arrests, obtained from the Sheriff’s Office.

What is the Clay County jail phone number?

The main number for the Clay County Detention Facility is 904-264-6512. This can be used to get contact information for inmates.

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