Gadsden County Inmate Search 2024

Looking for someone currently or previously locked up in Gadsden County, Florida? This guide is for finding inmate information.

We’ll walk you through the different ways to search for Gadsden County jail inmates, including online lookups, inmate rosters, and even mugshots.

No fancy terms or confusing steps here – just clear, simple instructions to help you find the information you need about Gadsden County jail inmates and arrest records. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

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Searching for Gadsden County Inmates

Gadsden County Inmate Search

There are a couple of ways to search for current Gadsden County inmates. The main options include:

  • Gadsden County Jail inmate lookup: The jail provides an online inmate lookup to search for people currently detained. You can search by first name, last name, booking number, date of birth, and more.
  • Gadsden County inmate roster: The Sheriff’s Office posts a daily inmate roster listing detainees. The PDF roster provides details like name, booking date, expected release date, charges, and housing location.
  • Calling the jail: You can call the Gadsden County Jail at 850-627-9230 to ask about a specific inmate’s status. Information is limited over the phone.

When searching current jail rosters and lookups, you can find info like full name, age, race, booking date, expected release date, bail amount, and current housing location within the jail.

Accessing Gadsden County Jail Records

In addition to current inmate lookups, you can also access public Gadsden County jail records through:

  • Gadsden County inmate records search: The Sheriff’s Office provides an online search for past inmates. You can search by name, race, sex, date of birth, booking date range, and release date range.
  • Gadsden County jail mugshots: Mugshot websites aggregate publicly available Gadsden County jail mugshots. Browse recent entries or search by name.
  • Gadsden County arrest records: The Clerk of Court maintains an online search for Gadsden County arrest records and charges. Lookup by name or case number.
  • Police blotters and booking logs: Check sites like for recent Gadsden County bookings.

Jail records provide details like mugshots, full name, arrest date, arrest charges, bond amount, case status, and potential release date for prior inmates.

Important Details About the Gadsden County Jail

When searching for info on current or past Gadsden County inmates, keep these key details in mind about the county’s jail system:

  • Main facility location: The primary Gadsden County Jail facility is located at 57 Taff Drive, Quincy, FL 32351. This addresses inmate mail and houses the majority of inmates.
  • Other housing locations: Some inmates may be housed in nearby county jails or state correctional facilities. Check the inmate roster or call to verify housing.
  • Jail population: The main jail’s capacity is about 180 inmates. The total Gadsden County jail population fluctuates around this number.
  • Phone number: Call 850-627-9230 for the jail’s main phone line to request info on inmates.
  • Visiting and commissary: In-person visits must be scheduled in advance. You can deposit money in an inmate’s account for phone calls and commissary online or by phone.
  • Mugshot availability: The Sheriff’s Office posts some Gadsden County mugshots online but does not maintain a complete archive. Third-party websites offer more mugshots.
  • Inmate search updates: Rosters and lookups on the official website are updated frequently to provide current Gadsden County inmate search information.

Checking for Active Gadsden County Warrants

To check for any active warrants in Gadsden County, you can:

  • Search Gadsden County warrant search on the Clerk of Court’s website
  • Look for recent Gadsden County arrests on police blotters and in local crime news
  • Call the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office warrants division
  • Contact local police departments to inquire about specific outstanding warrant checks

If someone has an active bench warrant from Gadsden County, they may show up on current or past jail inmate listings after being detained.

Finding Gadsden County Correctional Facility Inmates

Some current Gadsden County inmates may be housed outside the main county jail, potentially in state correctional facilities like:

  • Gadsden Correctional Facility: Located in Quincy, FL, this prison houses adult male inmates at varying security levels.
  • Gadsden Re-Entry Center: A secure facility in Quincy focused on preparing inmates for release back into the community.

You can search for inmates in Florida state prisons through the FL DOC inmate locator. Use this to find Gadsden County corrections inmates if they are not housed in the county jail.

Summary of Searching Gadsden County Jail and Inmate Records

In summary, some top ways to find current and prior inmates from Gadsden County include:

  • Check the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office website for inmate lookups and rosters
  • Search Gadsden County arrest records on the Clerk of Court site
  • Look for Gadsden County booking logs and mugshots on third-party websites
  • Call the Gadsden County Jail for information on specific inmates
  • Verify housing location, as some inmates may be outside the main jail

With these tips, you can lookup current Gadsden County inmates, access prior jail records, and research details on arrests, warrants, mugshots, housing location, and more. Be sure to use reputable government and public record sources when searching for any inmate or jail data.

FAQs About Gadsden County Inmate Search

How can I search for an inmate in Gadsden County?

You can search for Gadsden County inmates through the online inmate lookup tool on the Sheriff’s Office website, view inmate rosters, or call the jail.

What info is provided in a Gadsden County inmate search?

An inmate search provides info like mugshots, full name, age, race, arrest date, charges, housing location, bond amount, and expected release date.

Where is the Gadsden County Jail located?

The main Gadsden County Jail facility is located at 57 Taff Drive, Quincy, FL 32351. Some inmates may be housed in other jails or prisons.

How can I visit an inmate at Gadsden County Jail?

In-person visits must be scheduled in advance by calling 850-627-9230. Visit hours are limited.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in Gadsden County?

You can deposit funds for inmate phone calls and commissary online or by phone through vendors like Access Corrections.

How can I view Gadsden County mugshots?

The Sheriff’s Office posts some mugshots online, but third party sites like offer more booking photos and mugshots.

How can I find Gadsden County arrest records?

Search arrest records through the Clerk of Court website or view recent bookings on sites like

How do I find outstanding warrants in Gadsden County?

Active warrants are listed on the Clerk of Court site. You can also call the Sheriff’s Office warrants division.

What is the inmate capacity at Gadsden County Jail?

The main Gadsden County Jail can house approximately 180 inmates. The population stays around this level.

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