Glades County Inmate Search 2024

If you need to lookup information on a current or recent inmate held at Glades County Jail in Moore Haven, Florida, there are a few recommended options available.

Performing an inmate search can help you find details like arrest records, mugshots, visitation rules, charges, bail amounts, and more. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

This guide will cover how to search for Glades County jail inmates using resources like the Sheriff’s Office inmate locator, online jail rosters, court records, booking reports, and inmate lookup sites.

We’ll also provide key information on contacting and visiting inmates at the facility.

About Glades County Jail

Glades County Jail is the only detention center in Glades County, Florida. It is located in Moore Haven and operated by the Glades County Sheriff’s Office.

The jail has capacity for just over 100 inmates. It houses inmates who have recently been arrested in Glades County or are serving short misdemeanor sentences. Those convicted of felony crimes are transferred to state prisons.

You can find inmates at Glades County Jail who have been arrested for offenses such as:

  • Drug possession
  • DUI
  • Theft
  • Domestic violence
  • Probation violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Traffic infractions

Typical sentence lengths at the county jail are under 1 year. The facility houses both male and female inmates in separate cell blocks. Juveniles are not held at this jail.

Searching for Glades County Jail Inmates

If you need to lookup an inmate or search for someone who was recently arrested in Glades County, there are several recommended options:

  • Use the Glades County Sheriff’s Office inmate search online
  • Check arrest records and booking reports
  • Search court dockets and records for charges
  • Lookup jail rosters on third-party websites
  • Find mugshot photos and booking details
  • Lookup inmate records on statewide databases
  • Contact Glades County Jail for inmate information

Below we will explore the best methods to use when performing a Glades County inmate search.

Using the Glades County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The most direct way to search for current Glades County Jail inmates is by using the Glades County Sheriff’s Office online inmate search.

You can access the search on the Sheriff’s Office website:

  • Enter the inmate’s first and last name
  • Select filter by “In Custody”
  • View matches and select the inmate name
  • See mugshot, charges, bail amount, and other details

This search provides the most up-to-date information directly from Glades County Jail. Recent arrests may take 1-2 days to appear.

If you don’t find the inmate here, they may have been transferred or released already. Always call the jail to confirm.

Checking Online Jail Rosters and Inmate Lookup Sites

In addition to the official Sheriff’s Office website, you can find many websites that provide free searches for Glades County jail inmates. These sites compile data from public records to create inmate lookup tools and rosters.

These sites can provide added details on bookings, releases, charges, bail amounts, mugshots, and more. Always verify important information against official sources.

Searching Glades County Arrest Records and Booking Reports

One way to find details on an inmate’s arrest and charges is to lookup their official booking report and arrest record from the Sheriff’s Office.

You can request arrest records from the Glades County Sheriff’s Office by:

  • Phone Number 927-948-4000
  • Visiting in person at 1500 S Main St #2, Moore Haven, FL 33471
  • Submitting requests by mail or online portal

Booking reports will have information on arrest date, location, charges, bond amount, mugshot and details. They are the most accurate source for arrest information.

Recent arrests may also be published online at sites like and but should be verified.

Looking Up Court Cases and Charges for Inmates

To find the full official list of charges against an inmate, you can lookup court and case records through the Glades County Clerk of Courts:

Search by defendant name (inmate name) to find any pending or past criminal cases. This will have the formal charges filed, upcoming court dates, warrants, judgments, and case resolution.

Having the case number makes searching easier but an inmate name search can work too. This is the most accurate source for charges.

Finding Mugshots for Glades County Inmates

Mugshot photos are taken at booking as part of the arrest process. They can help you identify an inmate and see what they looked like upon arrest.

The Glades County Sheriff’s Office inmate search includes mugshots for all inmates in custody. These photos are kept updated.

Third party mugshot sites like Just Mugshots and Mugshots Online may also have booking photos for Glades County. However, their information is not as reliable or current in most cases.

Visitation Policies for Glades County Jail

If you need to visit an inmate held at Glades County Jail, you should be aware of the following visitation policies:

  • Visiting hours are Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm
  • Visitors must be on inmate’s approved list
  • Valid government-issued photo ID required
  • 30 minute visiting sessions
  • No more than 2 adults at a time
  • Physical contact not allowed
  • Dress code enforced – no provocative clothing

Contact the jail at 927-948-4000 to schedule visits in advance. Visitors must sign in and out. The inmate must not have had visit restrictions imposed.

Contacting Inmates Through Mail or Phone

If you cannot visit in person, inmates at Glades County Jail can be contacted through mail or phone:

Mail – Send letters or postcards to inmates at this address:

Inmate Name and ID Number
Glades County Jail
P.O. Box 39
Moore Haven, FL 33471

Phone – Inmates cannot receive incoming calls but can make collect calls to approved numbers through Securus Technologies. Set up an account to receive these calls.

Contact the jail for any mail or phone privileges restrictions that may apply to a particular inmate.

Sending Money to Inmates

Putting money in an inmate’s account is important so they can buy things they need while locked up. The money lets them shop at the jail commissary for snacks, toiletries, clothes, and other essentials.

They may also use the funds to make phone calls to family or even pay for a lawyer if they need one. Sending an inmate money gives them access to services that can improve their time in jail.

It’s a way to help them take care of themselves until they are released. There are three main ways to put money in an inmate’s account at Glades County Jail:

  • Online deposits – You can use a debit or credit card on the jail website. Look for the “Inmate Accounts” section.
  • Kiosk in the lobby – The jail lobby has a kiosk machine where you can deposit cash or use a card.
  • Mail money orders – Send postal money orders made out to the inmate’s name to the jail address.

Keep in mind there are some rules:

  • There may be weekly spending limits on inmate accounts.
  • Fees may be taken out for processing deposits and other costs.
  • The jail can take money to pay any debts owed by the inmate.
  • You have to put your name and return address on money orders.

Follow the procedures correctly so the money gets to the inmate. Breaking the rules could mean discipline for the inmate and no commissary privileges.

Bailing Out Inmates in Glades County

If you wish to bail out an inmate being held at Glades County Jail, you will need to contact a bail bond company operating in Glades County, such as:

  • ABC Bail Bonds
  • 8th Street Bail Bonds
  • Florida Quick Release Bail Bonds

A bondsman will charge a percentage fee, usually around 10% of the total bail amount. You may need collateral as well. The inmate must have bail set and be eligible for release.

Paying bail allows pre-trial release but the criminal charges will still need to be resolved in court. Make sure the inmate can get legal representation.

Location and Contact Details

If you need to get in touch with someone locked up at Glades County Jail, there are a few good ways to make contact or find more information.

Whether you want to visit in person, write a letter, set up phone calls, or just have questions, the jail has specific procedures. Knowing the right contact details for the jail will help make sure you can connect with an inmate properly.

I can provide the key phone number, address, and website info so you can look up visitation rules, send mail, and learn how to call inmates there. Which are as follows

Official Mailing Address

Glades County Jail
1297 East State Road 78
Moore Haven, FL 33471

Official Phone Number

You can contact the jail directly at (863) 946-1600. Please note that this number is not for contacting inmates but for jail administration and staff.

Official Website and Email

The Glades County Sheriff’s Office official website is the source for various information about the detention facility, including the inmate search, visitation rules, and more.


Performing an inmate search is essential if your friend, family member, or someone you know gets arrested and jailed in Glades County.

Taking steps like checking the Sheriff’s inmate roster, looking up charges in court records, finding booking details, and reviewing jail policies can help you locate important information on inmates being held at Glades County Jail.

With the right tools and resources, you can find what you need to contact, support, and potentially bail out an inmate.

FAQs About Glades County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Glades County jail?

You can search for Glades County jail inmates using the Sheriff’s Office inmate search online Enter the first and last name to see if someone is currently jailed.

What is the address for Glades County Jail?

The address for Glades County Jail is 1001 South Main Street, Moore Haven, FL 33471. This is where inmates are housed after arrest.

Can you visit inmates at Glades County Jail?

Yes, Glades County Jail allows in-person visits on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-11am and 1pm-4pm. Visitors must be approved, 18+, and have valid ID. Sessions are 30 minutes.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in Glades County?

You can deposit funds into a Glades County inmate’s account online through Touch pay, by lobby kiosk, mail a money order, or over the phone. Have the inmate name and ID ready.

Does Glades County Jail have video visitation?

No, Glades County Jail does not offer online or video visitation options currently. You must visit the jail in person to see inmates.

How do I lookup an inmate’s release date?

The Glades County Jail inmate search provides expected release dates for inmates in custody. You can also call the jail at 927-948-4000 for release date information.

Can inmates receive emails in Glades County Jail?

No, Glades County Jail does not offer inmate email services. You can only communicate with inmates through postal mail or phone calls from approved numbers.

Where do they take inmates after arrest in Glades County?

Inmates arrested in Glades County will be taken to the central Glades County Jail at 1001 South Main Street, Moore Haven for booking and pre-trial detention.

How do I find mugshots for Glades County Jail?

Mugshots for Glades County Jail inmates can be found on the Sheriff’s Office website inmate search. Third party sites like Just Mugshots also have Glades County booking photos.

How do I lookup criminal records in Glades County?

Criminal records for Glades County can be searched online through the Clerk of Court’s portal or obtained from the Sheriff’s Office with a records request. Limited info may be on background check sites.

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