Duval County Inmate Search 2024

Duval County is located in northeast Florida and contains the city of Jacksonville, which is the most populous city in the state. Duval County has an estimated population of over 1 million residents.

The county operates the Duval County Jail, located at 500 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202. The large jail facility houses pretrial detainees as well as inmates serving short county sentences.

The Duval County Sheriff’s Office manages jail operations and inmate care and custody. The jail capacity exceeds 3,000 inmates. Both male and female inmates are housed in separate units. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

Searching for Inmates in Duval County

There are a few different methods available to search for current and past inmates of the Duval County Jail. The most direct option is to use the inmate lookup tool provided through the sheriff’s office website. https://inmatesearch.jaxsheriff.org/login

Duval County Inmate Search

To use the online jail inmate search, go to  and click on the link for “Inmate Information Search.” You will be prompted to enter the inmate’s first and last name. Make sure to use their full legal name for best results.

To use the online jail inmate search, go to sheriff’s site  and click on the link for “Inmate Information Search.” You will be prompted to enter the inmate’s first and last name. Make sure to use their full legal name for best results.

The sheriff’s site also provides access to Duval County Jail mugshots. You can browse through booking photos and charges for recent arrests. This lets you identify the inmate associated with a particular mugshot.

For additional lookup options, you can call the inmate info line at 904-630-2429. The sheriff’s office staff can check on current and past jail occupants by name and date of birth.

Visiting and Communicating with Inmates

To maintain security and order, the Duval County Jail has strict policies regarding inmate visitation and communication. Visiting hours are limited to three time slots per day: 8:00-11:00 am, 12:30-3:00 pm and 5:00-8:00 pm. Visits are 20 minutes each.

Only approved visitors 18+ with valid ID may visit. Minors can visit with an authorized guardian present. All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved list. Proper dress code and search procedures apply.

Scheduling visits must be done online at www.duvalsheriff.com at least 24 hours in advance. Visitors should know the inmate’s ID number and housing unit. Phone visits are also available when in-person visits are not possible.

Friends and loved ones can call inmates directly using the Duval County Jail phone number: 904-630-6090. Inmates must create an account with payment to receive calls. Calls are limited to 20 minutes. Video visitation is also offered online by scheduling and paying in advance.

For old-fashioned mail, friends can write letters to inmates at: Inmate’s Full Name and ID Number C/O Duval County Jail 500 E. Adams St. Jacksonville, FL 32202

Envelopes must include the sender’s full name and address. Mail is inspected for prohibited contents before delivery.

Sending Money and Mail to Inmates

There are a couple of ways to deposit money into an inmate’s account at Duval County Jail for their usage:

  1. Jail ATM – Cash and cards accepted onsite 24/7
  2. Phone – Call 1-800-574-5729 for automated deposits
  3. Online – Make secure deposits at www.jailatm.com

Money funds the inmate’s commissary purchases, phone services, and other jail financial obligations. Friends and family can also mail approved items ordered through the commissary service.

When sending mail to inmates, addresses must include the inmate’s full name and ID. Send letters and postcards through regular postal mail to: Inmate’s Full Name and ID Number C/O Duval County Jail 500 E. Adams St. Jacksonville, FL 32202

No packages will be accepted by mail, only letters that undergo inspection.

Booking Process and Inmate Records

Once arrested, suspects are booked and processed into the Duval County Jail through a standard intake procedure including:

  • Photograph and fingerprinting
  • Documenting charges and offense details
  • Criminal background checks
  • Personal property storage
  • Health and medical screening
  • Warrant and security checks

This information becomes part of the permanent inmate file along with records like court dates, disciplinary actions, and grievances. Many arrest records and booking details are accessible through public records requests and the online inmate lookup tool.

However certain documents like medical records, criminal histories, and police reports may remain confidential. Inmates can request their own records through proper procedures.

Bail, Release, and Inmate Re-entry

After booking, inmates will go before a judge who determines whether they are released on their own recognizance or assigned bail or bond. Those who can afford bail can pay the set amount and be released pending trial.

Inmates can also use a bail bondsman to get released from jail more quickly. A Duval County bail bonds company will pay the bail amount in exchange for a 10% fee and collateral from the defendant. This saves the inmate from having to pay the full bail price themselves.

The bondsman will ensure the defendant shows up for court dates, otherwise they will be fined the full bail amount. Examples of local bail bond services are A-Academy Bail Bonds, About Bail Bonds, and 2nd Chance Bail Bonds Jacksonville.

For inmates who serve their full jail sentence, they go through pre-release programs and are released back into the public on their out date. Their belongings, funds, and personal property are returned during the release process.

Duval County Jail Facilities Contact Information

Jail FacilityAddressPhone
Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Facility500 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202(904) 630-5759
Duval County Community Transition Center451 Catherine Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202(904) 630-2856
Duval County Montgomery Correctional Center4727 Lannie Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218(904) 766-5076


The large Duval County Jail handles intake, housing, release, and records for thousands of inmates each year. Friends and loved ones of inmates can access certain records through public searches.

To visit or call an inmate, proper procedures must be followed. Overall, understanding jail policies provides a better experience navigating the inmate search and communications process.

FAQs About Duval County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Duval County Jail?

You can search for inmates in Duval County Jail using the online inmate lookup tool on the sheriff’s office website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name to view their details and booking mugshot.

Does Duval County Jail allow visitation?

Yes, Duval County Jail allows in-person visitation that must be scheduled online at least 24 hours in advance. Visits are 20 minutes long for approved visitors.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Duval County?

You can deposit funds into a Duval County inmate’s account using the jail lobby ATM, by phone at 1-800-574-5729, or online at www.jailatm.com. Money goes to their commissary balance.

What is the address to send mail to an inmate at Duval County Jail?

To send mail to an inmate at Duval County Jail, address it to: Inmate’s Full Name and ID#, C/O Duval County Jail, 500 E. Adams St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.

What is the phone number for Duval County Jail?

The main phone number for Duval County Jail is 904-630-6000. To call an inmate directly, dial 904-630-6090 after creating a prepaid account.

How can I look up an inmate in Duval County Jail?

Use the online inmate lookup tool on the Duval County Sheriff’s Office website to search for inmates by first and last name. This will provide booking details and their mugshot photo.

Where do I find mugshots for Duval County arrests?

Booking mugshots and charges for recent Duval County arrests can be viewed on the sheriff’s office website on their inmate population page. Mugshots can also be found through inmate lookup.

How can I tell if someone was released from Duval County Jail?

Check the inmate lookup tool where released inmates will no longer appear. You can also call 904-630-2429 to ask if a specific person is still booked or has been released.

How do I find an inmate DOC number in Duval County?

Use the online inmate search tool to lookup an inmate by name, which will provide their DOC number if they have been issued one. You can also call the inmate info line at 904-630-2429.

How do I get arrest records from Duval County Jail?

Individuals can request arrest and inmate records from Duval County Jail by filling out an online public records request form on the sheriff’s website and paying any applicable fees.

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