Polk County Inmate Search

If someone you know has been arrested and booked into Polk County Jail in Florida, you likely want to find more information about their case.

Being able to lookup inmates in Polk County and access records can provide important details about their incarceration and charges. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

This guide covers how to perform an inmate search for Polk County Jail and obtain vital inmate information.

About Polk County Jail

Polk County Jail is operated by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Grady Judd. The main jail facility is located at 1886 County Road 540A in Bartow, Florida. This jail houses pre-trial detainees as well as sentenced misdemeanor offenders.

In addition to the main facility, Polk County also has the following detention facilities:

  • South County Jail in Frostproof, FL
  • Central County Jail in Bartow, FL
  • Northeast County Jail in Davenport, FL

Combined, all Polk County Jail locations have around 1,700 beds for inmates. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office handles administration and operations for all jail facilities in the county.

Searching for an Inmate in Polk County Jail

If you need to find someone incarcerated at Polk County Jail, there are a couple ways to lookup inmates:

Online Inmate Lookup

The fastest option is to use the online inmate search available through the Polk County Sheriff’s Office website. This search allows you to lookup current jail inmates by:

  • Inmate First or Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Booking Number
  • Inmate ID Number

After entering the search details, results will display inmates matching your criteria, including name, age, booking date, and current housing location. You can click an inmate’s name to view their mugshot, charges, and bond amount.

Booking Records and Arrest Information

For more comprehensive details about an inmate’s arrest and time in Polk County Jail, you can obtain full booking reports and arrest records. These documents provide additional information such as:

  • Complete list of charges
  • Location and date/time of arrest
  • Arresting agency
  • Bail amount and status
  • Mugshots
  • Personal details like height, weight, alias names

To get these records, you can contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office records department or the Polk County Clerk of Courts. Many records can be obtained through public records requests.

Visitation and Communication at Polk County Jail

To visit or contact someone held in Polk County Jail, options include:

  • In-person visits – Scheduled through an online system. Be sure to review Polk County Jail visiting rules beforehand.
  • Video visitation – Remote video visits can be scheduled online through the jail’s third-party provider.
  • Phone calls – Inmates can make collect calls. Friends/family must set up prepaid accounts.
  • Mail – Send postal mail with the inmate’s name and ID included.
  • Inmate money transfers – Deposit money for commissary, phone calls, etc. on the Polk County Sheriff’s website.

Bail and Release Information

To find out if an inmate can be released from Polk County Jail, you can search for their case on the Clerk of Court website.

This can provide bail amounts and status. Paying bail, using a bonds agent, or waiting for case resolution can sometimes lead to release.

The daily release report on the Sheriff’s website also shows upcoming inmate releases. Calling the jail is another option to ask for a potential release date.

Monitoring an inmate’s bail status and release eligibility can indicate how long they may stay incarcerated.

Inmate Communications

Inmates rely on communication systems to stay connected with the outside world, and understanding the regulations associated with these systems is essential. Which are as follows.

Inmate Call System and Associated Regulations

Collect Calls: Inmates in the Polk County Jail have the ability to make outgoing phone calls, but incoming calls are not permitted.

All calls are subject to monitoring and recording, except for privileged conversations with legal counsel.

Inmates can make calls through collect calls, where charges are billed to the recipient’s phone number, or through a prepaid account, allowing them to make calls until the balance is exhausted.

More detailed information about the inmate call system can be found on the Polk County Jail Phone Services page.

For general inquiries about the facility or an inmate’s status, individuals can contact the Polk County Jail at +1 (863) 534-6153.

It’s important to note that this line is not intended for attempting contact with an inmate, and misuse may result in penalties.

Inmate Mail

Sending letters is an important way for people in jail to talk to their family and friends. However, there are rules to follow to keep everyone safe and make sure the jail is secure.

Process of Sending Mail to an Inmate

To send a letter to someone in the Polk County Jail, follow these steps:

Make sure to include the inmate’s full name and booking number on the mail. Address the envelope with the complete jail address. The format should be:

  • Inmate’s Full Name, Booking Number
  • Polk County Jail
  • 2390 Bob Phillips Road
  • Bartow, FL 33830

Post the mail as you normally would, and don’t forget to include your return address on the envelope.

Guidelines for Sending Mail to Inmates

  • Only send letters or cards. Packages are not allowed.
  • Do not send explicit or suggestive material.
  • Do not send any items that could potentially be used as a weapon.
  • Avoid sending materials that could be used to smuggle contraband, such as multi-layered cards, padded envelopes, or packages with adhesive.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in mail being returned, discarded, or turned over to law enforcement.

Sending Money to Inmates

Financial support is essential for inmates as it enables them to buy items from the commissary such as snacks, personal care products, and stationery.

Approved Methods for Sending Money

There are three primary ways to send money to an inmate at the Polk County Jail:

  1. Online: Use a credit or debit card to deposit money into an inmate’s account via the Polk County Jail Commissary Deposit page.
  2. Phone: Call the jail’s automated system at +1 (863) 534-6153 to make a deposit over the phone.
  3. Mail: Money orders can be sent through the mail. Ensure they are made payable to the “Polk County Jail” and include the inmate’s name and booking number.

Regulations and Limitations for Sending Money

  • There may be a maximum limit on the amount of money an inmate can receive or hold in their account. Check with the jail for specific limits.
  • All transactions are final. Refunds will not be provided if money is sent to the wrong account.
  • Deposited funds may be subject to a small processing fee.
  • Money sent to an inmate may be used to pay off the inmate’s jail fees before it is made available for commissary purchases.

Always ensure to follow all rules and regulations when sending mail or money to an inmate at the Polk County Jail. This helps maintain the security and order of the facility.

Incarceration Records and Mugshots

Access to incarceration records and mugshots is crucial for maintaining transparency and ensuring public safety.

Process for Obtaining Incarceration Records

To obtain incarceration records, you can submit a public records request to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

This request can be made in person, by mail, or online through the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Public Records Request page.

The records obtained will include details such as the inmate’s name, booking date, charges, court dates, and release date.

Explanation of Mugshots and Availability

A mugshot is a photographic portrait taken at the time of an individual’s arrest, used for identification purposes and included in the inmate’s incarceration record.

In Florida, mugshots are considered public records and are often accessible online through the jail’s inmate search system.

However, it’s important to use mugshots in compliance with local and federal laws. Using mugshots to harass, intimidate, or exploit individuals is illegal and can result in civil and criminal penalties.

Always respect the rights and privacy of individuals when accessing and using public records.

Location and Contact Details

When reaching out to the Polk County Jail, always ensure that your communications are appropriate and respectful.

Official Mailing Address

For standard mail, please address your letters to:

Polk County Jail 2390
Bob Phillips Road Bartow,
FL 33830

When sending mail to an inmate, remember to include the inmate’s full name and booking number.

Official Phone Number

For general inquiries or concerns related to the Polk County Jail, you can call +1 (863) 534-6153. Remember, inmates cannot receive calls through this line.

Official Website and Email

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office website is a valuable resource for information about the jail, inmate services, and other department activities.

Please note, all communication with the Polk County Jail should be relevant and respect the rules and regulations of the facility. Misuse of contact channels can lead to penalties.


Doing an inmate search for Polk County Jail makes it possible to lookup info on incarcerated friends or family.

Using online lookup tools, records requests, and jail resources provides important details on arrests, charges, visitation, and potential release dates.

With the right approach, you can gain better insight when a loved one is booked into Polk County.

FAQs About Polk County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Polk County Jail?

You can search for Polk County Jail inmates using the online inmate lookup tool on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the inmate’s first or last name, ID number, birth date or booking date.

What is the address for Polk County Jail?

The address for the main Polk County Jail facility is 1886 County Road 540A, Bartow, FL 33830. There are also jail locations in Frostproof, Davenport.

Does Polk County Jail have video visitation?

Yes, Polk County Jail uses video visitation provided by GettingOut. It allows friends and family to schedule and conduct remote video visits with inmates online.

Can you visit an inmate in Polk County Jail?

Yes, Polk County Jail allows in-person visitation that needs to be scheduled in advance online. Visitors must adhere to specific visiting hours and follow the jail’s visitation rules.

How do I deposit money into an inmate’s account?

You can deposit funds into a Polk County Jail inmate’s account online, over the phone, at lobby kiosks, or by mailing in a money order. Inmates can use funds for commissary, phone calls, etc.

How do I lookup an inmate’s release date?

You can call Polk County Jail to ask for an inmate’s expected release date. Checking the case on the Clerk of Court site or viewing the daily release report can also provide release details.

Can inmates receive mail at Polk County Jail?

Yes, inmates can receive postal mail sent to the jail addressed with their full name and inmate ID. All mail is inspected before delivery to the inmates.

How do I find mugshots for Polk County Jail?

Mugshots can be found by searching for an inmate on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office website and clicking their name. Third-party sites may also have Polk County mugshot galleries.

How do I lookup outstanding warrants in Polk County?

Active warrants can be searched on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office website by name, case number or birth date. The Clerk of Courts website also lets you search court records for any existing warrants.

What are the Polk County Jail visitation hours?

Visitation schedules and hours vary by housing location within Polk County Jail. All visits must be scheduled in advance online – check the specific location’s schedule.

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