Nassau County Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in Nassau County, Florida can easily be done online through public records made available by the county sheriff’s office.

This guide will provide tips on how to lookup jail records, arrestsmugshots, upcoming court dates, and other information on current and past prisoners in Nassau County.

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Nassau County Jail Information

Nassau County Jail is located in Nassau County, Florida, at 76212 Nicholas Cutinha Road, Yulee, FL 32097. You can contact the jail by phone at (904) 548-4002.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office provides an online database called the In-Custody Inmate Inquiry, which allows the public to search for inmates using various parameters such as name, global subject number, booking number, and booking date.

The database is organized alphabetically by last name. Inmate profiles include details such as their complete name, demographic information, booking history, bond details, and charge descriptions.

Charges for inmates in this facility may include offenses like battery, drug possession, theft, drug trafficking, and aggravated assault.

Searching Nassau County Jail Inmate Records

The fastest option for finding a current Nassau County Jail inmate is to use the online inmate search tool provided by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. This search allows you to lookup inmates by first and last name.

To use the tool, go to the sheriff’s office website and click on “Inmate Search.” Enter the full first and last name of an inmate and click search.

This will display results for any matching inmates currently in custody at the Nassau County Jail. Details provided in the search results include:

  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Charges
  • Mugshot photo
  • Date of birth
  • Arresting agency
  • Housing location

So if you have the full name of an inmate, this lookup tool allows you to quickly determine if they are in custody and view their details.

Finding Nassau County Jail Records and Mugshots

To conduct a more comprehensive search for Nassau County jail recordsmugshots, and full arrest history, you can use the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Jail Records Search page.

This search allows you to lookup jail records and mugshots by:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Booking number

In the search results you can access:

  • Booking reports with charges and bond amount
  • List of all bookings and releases
  • Court case information
  • Mugshot photos
  • Visitor and phone list

This search provides access to more detailed jail records beyond just current inmates.

Search by Booking Number or ID

Every inmate booked into the Nassau County Jail is assigned a unique booking number. If you have this booking ID, you can search directly by the number to find:

  • Inmate name
  • Arrest details
  • Mugshot
  • DOB
  • Housing location
  • Bail amount
  • Arresting agency

Having the exact booking number is the most precise way to lookup an inmate’s information.

Nassau County Arrest Warrants

Nassau County arrest warrants are legal documents issued by a judge authorizing law enforcement to arrest an individual suspected of committing a crime.

These warrants are based on probable cause and provide law enforcement officers the legal authority to apprehend the person named in the warrant.

Nassau County law enforcement obtains arrest warrants through the judicial system, presenting evidence to a judge who then determines whether sufficient cause exists for an arrest.

Arrest warrants serve as a crucial tool in maintaining public safety, ensuring due process, and upholding the principles of the legal system in Nassau County, Florida.

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Understanding Nassau County Jail Records

When you search Nassau County inmate records and jail reports, it helps to understand what details will be included in the results:

  • Inmate’s full name, age, DOB
  • Physical description (height, weight, etc.)
  • Booking date
  • Expected release date
  • Charges the inmate was arrested for
  • Arresting agency
  • Bail amount and bond status
  • Mugshot photo
  • Court case number

These records provide in-depth information from the time of arrest through booking and incarceration.

Lookup Upcoming Court Dates for Inmates

Many inmates in the Nassau County Jail have upcoming court appearances scheduled. You can lookup an inmate’s court dates by:

  • Checking their detailed jail booking report
  • Searching online court dockets and calendars
  • Contacting the clerk of courts to request case info
  • Calling the appropriate courthouse directly
  • Checking the court calendar website

Finding upcoming court dates allows you to monitor a case or attend hearings.

How to Send Money to an Inmate

If you need to add money to a Nassau County inmate’s account for commissary or phone usage, here are some options:

  • Deposit through the jail’s third-party vendor online or by phone
  • Mail in a money order using the detention facility mailing address
  • Visit a lobby kiosk at the jail facility during visitation hours
  • Set up an account with Access Corrections to transfer money

Be sure to have the inmate’s first and last name and booking ID ready when depositing funds.

Visiting an Inmate at the Nassau County Jail

Inmates at the Nassau County Detention Facility have the opportunity for visitation through the video visitation system. All potential visitors must pre-register on the Getting Out website.

Visits must be scheduled through this platform, and visitors are expected to adhere to the facility’s dress code during the visit.

Failure to comply with visitation rules may result in the inmate losing visitation privileges for a specified period, which can extend up to 90 days.

It’s important for both inmates and visitors to follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and respectful visitation process.

Visitations Hours at Nassau County Jail:

Video Visitation:
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday

If you wish to visit an inmate held at the Nassau County Correctional Center, here are some key guidelines:

  • Visiting hours are daily from 9am to 9pm
  • Valid photo ID is required for all visitors over age 18
  • Only 2 visitors per inmate are allowed at a time
  • All individuals and belongings will be searched before entering
  • Dress appropriately – no revealing clothing allowed

It’s advised to verify the visitation policy and schedule before arriving at the facility.

Locating Someone After Arrest in Nassau County

If you believe someone was recently arrested in Nassau County, here are tips to help find out their status:

  • Check the Nassau County Jail inmate lookup tool to see if they are in custody
  • Search Nassau County bookings and jail records for any new arrests
  • Call the Nassau County Jail intake department to ask about the arrest
  • Contact the arresting law enforcement agency
  • Check for any local news reports about the arrest
  • Search the County Clerk of Court records for any new cases
  • Try locating the person through friends or family members

Using these methods can help you get information on someone’s arrest and incarceration in Nassau County.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

Inmates at the Nassau County Jail and Detention Center in FL do not face restrictions on the number of mails they can receive or send. However, all non-official mail undergoes security checks at the facility.

The Nassau County Jail and Detention Center reserves the right to duplicate any incoming mail for security reasons.

All mail intended for the Nassau County Jail and Detention Center must be sent through the U.S. mailing station.

Before sending a package to the Nassau County Jail and Detention Center, it is advisable to check the facility’s policies to determine if packages are allowed and to learn about any restrictions on the contents of the package.

Following these guidelines ensures that the mailing process aligns with the facility’s security measures.

Nassau County Sheriffs Department

Address76001 Bobby Moore Circle, Yulee, Florida, 32097
WebsiteNassau County Sheriffs Department

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  • St. Johns County Juvenile Detention, FL
  • Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Center, FL
  • Jacksonville Jail, FL
  • Duval County Community Transition Center, FL
  • Jacksonville Beach Jail, FL
  • Jekyll Island City Jail, GA


Conducting an inmate search in Nassau County Florida is easily done through online lookup tools and jail records provided by the sheriff’s office.

Make sure to have accurate identifying details like first and last name, booking number or date of birth to get the most precise results.

Understanding what is contained in these inmate reports allows you to find the needed information on current and past jail inmates.

FAQs About Nassau County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Nassau County Jail?

You can search for current inmates using the online inmate lookup tool on the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the first and last name to see if they are in custody.

Can I visit an inmate at Nassau County Jail?

Yes, you can visit inmates at the Nassau County Jail daily from 9am to 9pm, with valid photo ID. Only 2 visitors are allowed per inmate.

How do I send money to an inmate in Nassau County?

You can deposit money for an inmate through the jail vendor online or by phone, by mailing in a money order, or at lobby kiosks located at the jail facility.

What are inmate packages like at Nassau County Jail?

Inmates at Nassau County Jail can receive pre-approved care packages with food, clothing, books, and other items ordered through third-party vendors.

How can I find an inmate’s release date for Nassau County Jail?

An inmate’s expected release date can be found by searching their name on the Nassau County Sheriff’s inmate search site or calling the jail.

How do I lookup an inmate’s charges in Nassau County?

You can find an inmate’s charges by searching their name on the Nassau County inmate search page or looking up their booking report.

How do I find mugshots for Nassau County inmates?

Mugshot photos can be found by searching the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office jail records search page by inmate name or booking number.

What is the capacity of Nassau County Jail?

The Nassau County Correctional Center has a maximum capacity around 1,400 inmates.

How do I find an inmate booking number in Nassau County?

You can find the booking number by searching the inmate’s first and last name on the online jail search. The booking number will be provided in the results.

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