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Escambia County Jail is located in Escambia County, Florida, which sits in the northwestern part of the state along the coast. The county seat and largest city is Pensacola. Escambia County has a population of over 300,000 residents.

The main county jail facility is located at 3450 Vonnie Tolbert Highway, Cantonment, FL 32533. It houses suspects awaiting trial as well as those serving short misdemeanor sentences.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office manages jail operations.

Incarcerated detainees at Escambia County Jail consist of adult males and females kept in separate cell blocks. The average daily population is around 1,500 inmates.

The jail has capacity for over 2,000 occupants if needed. if you want to full information about “Florida inmate search” then click here

Inmate Lookup and Rosters

Escambia County provides a public online inmate search feature to lookup information on current and recently released jail inmates. This lookup tool can be accessed directly at

To check for an inmate in the jail, you must enter their first and last name. Make sure to use formal legal names for the best results. The search will pull up the inmate’s ID number, race, sex, booking date, charges, and bond amounts. Mugshot photos are also viewable.

For a complete roster of all current inmates, you can go to the Daily Jail Population Report page. This list gets updated every 24 hours with the names, status, and location of incarcerated persons.

The jail intake and release report shows the previous day’s bookings and releases. Checking this helps determine if someone was recently arrested or let out of the Escambia County Jail.

Booking Records and Arrest Information

When an individual gets arrested in Escambia County, they are brought to the county jail for processing and booking. Standard intake procedures include:

  • Fingerprinting and photographing the arrestee
  • Documenting alleged charges and offenses
  • Conducting criminal background checks
  • Inventory of personal possessions
  • Health screening
  • Warrant and security clearance

This information gets stored in the inmate’s file along with records like court dates, disciplinary actions, and grievances filed.

Many booking details and mugshots can be viewed through the online inmate lookup tool.

However certain sensitive documents like medical history and police reports are not made public. Inmates may request their own records through proper procedures. Official agencies can also request records via court order.

Inmate Communications: Visits, Calls, Mail

The Escambia County Jail has strict policies regarding inmate communications for maintaining security. Options for contacting loved ones include:

  • In-Person Visits – Permitted during limited hours, 30 mins per visit. Must be scheduled 24 hrs in advance. Only for approved visitors.
  • Phone Calls – Inmates can make collect calls from jail phones. Recipients must set up prepaid accounts. Calls are limited to 15 minutes each.
  • Video Visits – Remote video visitation can be scheduled online for a fee through the vendor website. Sessions last 20 minutes.
  • Mail – Inmates can receive postal letters and postcards only, no packages. Mail is inspected before distribution.

inmate Mailing Address:

The mailing address for the Escambia County Jail depends on whether an inmate is in the Main Jail or the Road Prison.

The Main Jail’s mailing address is:

Inmate’s Full Name
Escambia County Main Jail
P.O. Box 17800
Pensacola, FL 32522

Inmate’s Full Name
Escambia County Road Prison
601 Highway 297A
Cantonment, FL 32533

Usage of communication channels like video visitation and phone calls requires the creation of prepaid accounts by friends and family members.

Commissary and Money Deposits

Inmates at Escambia County Jail rely on friends and loved ones to deposit money into their commissary accounts. Funds can be added online, over the phone, at lobby kiosks, or through jail ATMs 24/7.

Money from commissary accounts goes toward purchasing approved items like snacks, stationery, hygiene products, clothing, and phone credits. The commissary is vital for an inmate’s general welfare and jail compliance.

In addition to money deposits, friends and family can order approved commissary packages to be delivered directly to inmates, containing authorized items and foods. This provides additional support.

Bail and Inmate Release Procedures

During booking, arrestees have their bail amounts set by a judge. Those who can afford to pay the bail amount will be allowed release pending trial. Those who cannot pay may use a bail bonds agent.

A bail bond agency will pay the bail amount to the court in exchange for a 10% fee. This saves the defendant from paying the full bail price themselves. The agency will ensure the defendant attends future court dates.

Inmates who serve their full misdemeanor sentence will be released back into the public on their scheduled out date after processing. At release, all funds, possessions, and property taken at booking will be returned.

Proper re-entry planning is important for giving past inmates the tools and resources to successfully transition back into society and avoid reoffending. This can involve counseling, vocational training, housing assistance, and more.

Escambia County Jail Address

There are several addresses for the Escambia County Jail:

FacilityAddressCityStateZip Code
Main Jail2935 North L St.PensacolaFL32501
Road Prison601 Highway 297-ACantonmentFL32533
Work Release1211 W. Fairfield Dr.PensacolaFL32501
Video Visitation Center1190 W. Leonard St.PensacolaFL32501
Santa Rosa County Jail5155 E. Milton Rd.MiltonFL32583
Walton County Jail796 Triple G RoadDeFuniak SpringsFL32433
Corrections Administration2251 N. Palafox St.PensacolaFL32501


Escambia County Jail handles approximately 60,000 annual bookings and releases. Friends and family have options to lookup inmate records, schedule restricted visits, and provide money for commissary needs. However proper procedures must be followed to maintain positive compliance.

Understanding the jail system leads to better experiences communicating and reconnecting with incarcerated loved ones.

FAQs About Escambia County Jail View

How do I find someone in Escambia County Jail?

You can search for inmates in Escambia County Jail using the online inmate lookup tool on the sheriff’s office website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name to view their details and booking mugshot.

Does Escambia County Jail allow visitation?

Yes, Escambia County Jail allows in-person visitation that must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Visits are limited to 30 minutes for approved visitors 18 years and older.

How do I deposit money into an inmate’s account in Escambia County?

You can deposit funds into an Escambia County inmate’s account online, over the phone, at lobby kiosks, or through onsite ATMs. Money goes towards their commissary purchases.

What is the address to send mail to an inmate at Escambia County Jail?

To send mail to an inmate at Escambia County Jail, address it to: Inmate’s Full Name and ID, Escambia County Jail, 3450 Vonnie Tolbert Hwy, Cantonment, FL 32533.

What is the phone number for Escambia County Jail?

The main phone number for Escambia County Jail is 850-436-9650. This can be used for general questions and inmate lookup assistance.

How do I lookup an inmate in Escambia County Jail?

Use the online inmate search tool on the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office website to search for inmates by first and last name. This will provide booking details and their mugshot.

Where do I find mugshots for Escambia County bookings?

Booking mugshots and charges for Escambia County arrests can be viewed on the sheriff’s office website inmate population page. Mugshots are also visible on inmate lookup.

How can I tell if someone was released from Escambia County Jail?

Check the inmate lookup tool where released inmates will no longer appear. You can also call 850-436-9650 to ask if a specific person is still incarcerated or has been released.

How do I find new bookings at Escambia County Jail?

The daily jail intake and release report on the sheriff’s website shows new bookings into Escambia County Jail. The jail population report also indicates new arrivals.

Where can I find warrants for Escambia County Jail?

Active warrants for Escambia County are listed on the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website. The sheriff’s office website also provides an online warrant inquiry tool.

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