DeSoto County Inmate Search 2024

Looking to find an incarcerated friend or loved one in DeSoto County, Florida? What details can you access through the Florida DeSoto County Inmate Search?

Running an inmate lookup is the first step to get info like mugshots, charges, bail amounts, and more about someone booked into the DeSoto County Jail.

Beyond the inmate roster, you may wonder about visitation hours, sending commissary money, the jail address, and phone number are, ways to look up recent arrests, and how to connect with inmates through the mail, calls, or visiting in person.

This guide will provide tips, rules, and resources for using the DeSoto County inmate search tools to find who is in custody, how to contact them, and how to potentially help secure their release.

Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

Looking Up Inmates in DeSoto County

If you need to search for an inmate in the DeSoto County Jail, there are a couple of options available. The most direct method is to use the inmate lookup tool provided on the county sheriff’s website.

To use the online inmate roster, go to and click on “Inmate Lookup.”

You’ll be prompted to enter the first and last name of the inmate you are searching for. Make sure to enter the legal name, as nicknames may not produce results.

After entering the name, click search and you will either get details about that inmate, including their booking date, expected release date, charges, and mugshot photo, or a notification that no matching inmate was found.

Another way to find DeSoto County inmate’s mugshots is to check the recently booked arrests. The sheriff’s office posts booking photos and details such as full name, age, hometown, and arrest charges.

If you still can’t locate the inmate you are looking for through online search tools, you can call the jail at (662) 469-8014. The staff can look up inmates by name and date of birth and confirm if they are in custody.

Sheriff’s Office / Desoto County Inmate Search

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office aims to protect and serve the people of DeSoto County with fairness, compassion, and integrity. Their mission is to uphold the law professionally while displaying good character.

The sheriff’s deputies and jail staff strive to maintain all the necessary skills to perform their duties at the highest standard.

Citizens can look up information about inmates currently housed at the DeSoto County Jail by using the online search tool provided on the sheriff’s office website.

This inmate lookup allows you to find details like mugshots, charges, bail amounts, and expected release dates for anyone booked into the jail.

Checking the inmate roster is a way to see if a friend or loved one is currently in the jail’s custody and learn about their status.

To conduct a Desoto County inmate search or to search the Desoto County Jail docket, Click here.

Sheriff’s Office Address:

208 East Cypress Street
Arcadia, Florida 34266

Visiting an Inmate at DeSoto County Jail

To maintain safety and order, the DeSoto County Jail has strict policies for inmate visitation. Visiting hours are limited to three-time slots per day: 8:00-10:00 am, 1:00-4:00 pm, and 6:00-9:00 pm. Visits are 30 minutes each.

Only approved visitors 18 years or older are allowed. All visitors must present a valid photo ID. The jail provides some rules and regulations for dress codes and prohibited items.

Tasks like using the restroom or buying vending machine snacks must be done before the visit.

Visitors should know the full legal name of the inmate they are seeing and the inmate’s booking number if possible.

Visitors must sign in and are subject to search before being escorted to the visitation room. Physical contact between inmates and visitors is not allowed.

Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance by calling the visitation center at 662-469-5594. Without an appointment, you may be turned away at busy times when the visitation schedule is full.

Sending Mail and Money to Inmates

Friends and loved ones have options for sending mail and money to someone in custody at the DeSoto County Jail.

For mail, all correspondence must include the inmate’s full name and booking number on the envelope.

Only postal mail is accepted; do not try to deliver packages or letters in person. Mail is inspected for prohibited contents before being distributed to inmates.

To put money into an inmate’s commissary account, you can deposit funds online, over the phone, or at the jail lobby kiosk.

The website to manage inmate accounts online is You can also call 1-866-232-1899. At the lobby kiosks, accept cash or credit/debit payments.

Money deposited to an inmate’s account can be used to purchase snacks, personal hygiene items, phone credits, and other approved commissary goods.

There are deposit limits in place, so check the current policies before sending inmate funds.

Booking Process and Inmate Records

When someone is arrested in DeSoto County, they go through a standard booking and processing procedure at the county jail. This intake process includes:

  • Fingerprinting and photographing the arrestee
  • Documenting the alleged crime and criminal records
  • Personal property inventory and storage
  • Health screening
  • Searching for weapons and contraband

Records like mugshots, charges, bail amounts, and court dates become part of the inmate’s file. Many of these felony or misdemeanor booking details and jail records can be viewed by the public through the online inmate search function.

However, certain sensitive reports like physical/mental health records and criminal histories are not released.

Inmates have access to request their own records and documents. Police and other law agencies can also request records by court order or subpoena.

Making Phone Calls to Inmates

Family and friends can speak to incarcerated loved ones by phone. Each cell in the housing units has a telephone.

To call an inmate, dial 662-469-5594. You will need to enter the 6-digit inmate ID number and be able to verify your relationship with the inmate.

It costs approximately 12 cents per minute for debit or credit card payments.

Phone time is limited to 20 minutes per call, based on availability. All calls are recorded, except privileged calls between inmates and their attorneys. Phone privileges can be suspended as disciplinary action.

The jail’s phone policies, call rates, and recording disclosures are meant to maintain security and investigative aid. Misuse of phone systems by inmates carries penalties.

Bail, Bonds, and Inmate Release

After booking, the inmate will have a chance to post bail or bond set by the court. This allows for release from jail pending trial. If the arrestee can’t afford bail, they must rely on a bail bond agent.

Bail bond companies will post the bail amount in exchange for a 10% fee and collateral, allowing the defendant to be released.

The bondsman is then financially responsible if the defendant misses their court dates.

Inmates can use a DeSoto County bail bonds service to get released more quickly. Some options are A-1 Freedom Bail Bonds, Chris’s 24-Hour Bail Bonds, and Hernando Bail Bonds Inc.

Once bailed out or bonded, inmates are processed out and can reclaim their personal property. Inmates who serve full sentences are also released back into the public.

DeSoto County Jail Prison Information

State PrisonAddressPhone
DeSoto Annex13617 S.E. Highway 70, Arcadia, FL 34266-7800(863) 494-3727

Florida state prison inmate search, Click here


The DeSoto County Jail houses hundreds of inmates awaiting trial or serving short sentences. Friends and family can look up inmates by name, visit during scheduled hours, deposit money into commissary accounts, speak over the phone, and potentially help bond them out.

Following jail rules and procedures is necessary for smooth communication and visitation. The county sheriff’s office provides public access to certain inmate details like booking photos and offenses. But other records may remain confidential.

Overall, understanding the operations of the local county jail can help concerned citizens support incarcerated loved ones. With some adjustments, meaningful connections can still be maintained.

FAQs About DeSoto County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in DeSoto County Jail in Florida?

You can search the DeSoto County, Florida inmate roster on the county sheriff’s website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name to view their booking details and mugshot. Make sure to use legal names.

What is the address for DeSoto County Jail in Florida?

The address for the DeSoto County Jail in Florida is 1200 E Oak St, Arcadia, FL 34266. It is located in the city of Arcadia.

Does DeSoto County Jail in Florida allow visitation?

Yes, the DeSoto County Jail in Florida allows in-person visitation that must be scheduled in advance. Visits are limited to 20 minutes per session for approved visitors 18+ with valid ID.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in DeSoto County, FL?

You can deposit funds into a DeSoto County, FL inmate account online at, over the phone at 1-866-345-1884, or in person at lobby kiosks. Accept cash or card payments.

How do I send mail to an inmate at DeSoto County Jail in FL?

Mail sent to inmates at DeSoto County Jail, FL must include the inmate’s full legal name and booking number. Send via US Mail to: Inmate Name, 1200 E Oak St, Arcadia, FL 34266. No packages allowed.

What is the phone number for DeSoto County Jail in Florida?

The phone number for DeSoto County Jail in Florida is (863) 993-4700. This main line can be used for inmate lookups and visitation information.

How do I lookup an inmate in DeSoto County, Florida?

Use the online inmate search function on the DeSoto County, FL Sheriff’s website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name to view their details and booking mugshot photo.

Can you see who is in DeSoto County Jail in FL?

Yes, the online inmate search tool allows you to lookup inmates currently housed in the DeSoto County Jail in Florida. Search by name to see mugshots, charges, and release date.

Where do I find mugshots of DeSoto County, FL arrests?

Mugshots for recent bookings in DeSoto County, FL are posted on the sheriff’s office website. You can also search for a specific inmate’s mugshot using the online inmate lookup tool.

How do I know if someone was released from DeSoto County Jail in Florida?

Check the inmate roster on the sheriff’s website, where released inmates are removed. You can also call the jail at (863) 993-4700 to ask if a certain person is still in custody or has been released.

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