Walton County Inmate Search

Finding information on inmates incarcerated in Walton County, Florida can be done through an online inmate search or by contacting the Walton County Jail directly.

This article provides details on performing an inmate lookup in Walton County and accessing records such as mugshots, arrest warrants, and more.

Walton County is located in the Florida Panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico. The county seat and largest city is DeFuniak Springs.

The Walton County Jail is operated by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and houses inmates who have been arrested or are awaiting trial in the county.

Knowing how to search for Walton County inmates can be important for various reasons. Families may want to locate a loved one who was recently arrested.

Attorneys may need to find their clients. And the public has interest in accessing inmate records and other information. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

About Walton County Jail

The Walton County Jail is located at 752 Triple G Road in DeFuniak Springs. It houses adult inmates who have been detained or sentenced for crimes in Walton County.

The current jail facility was built in 1991 with a capacity to hold approximately 300 inmates. Both male and female inmates are housed in the detention center.

In addition to the main jail, Walton County operates a work release center called the Walton Correctional Institution. Inmates who qualify can serve out sentences at this minimum security facility.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office manages the county jail. They oversee the care and custody of inmates at the facility.

Searching for Inmates in Walton County

There are two main ways to search for information on current and former Walton County inmates:

  • Walton County Inmate Lookup online
  • Contact the Walton County Jail directly

The online inmate search offers quick and convenient lookups to find basic details about inmates in custody. Contacting the jail can provide more comprehensive records and reports.

Walton County Inmate Lookup Online

The easiest way to lookup Walton County inmates is by using the online inmate search tool provided by the sheriff’s office. This can be accessed through the jail’s website at: http://www.waltonso.org

To perform a search, you will need to enter either the inmate’s first and last name or their identification number if known. Then click the “Search” button.

The online search will display results that match your criteria. Each result includes basic details such as:

  • Inmate name
  • Age and sex
  • Race
  • Photo (mugshot)
  • List of charges
  • Booking date
  • Projected release date

The information is displayed in a convenient table with mugshot images to easily browse matching results.

This provides a quick way to find inmates and view their mugshots and current status. However full inmate reports and records require contacting the Walton County Jail directly.

Information Available in Walton County Inmate Records

Inmate records at the Walton County Jail contain more detailed information than what is shown in the basic online search.

By contacting the jail, you can request records with more extensive details on current and past inmates. These records typically include:

  • Booking reports – Date booked, arresting agency, status, bail amount set
  • Charges – Specific charges the inmate was booked on
  • Court case numbers – Details on any open cases or upcoming court dates
  • Sentence details – If the inmate has been sentenced, term length and release date
  • Housing location – Where the inmate is housed within the jail
  • Medical information – Relevant medical conditions or treatments
  • Visitiation history – Records of visitation for the inmate
  • Phone logs – Records of calls made by the inmate
  • Inmate funds account – Balance of commissary or phone accounts

Inmate records can provide more comprehensive information beyond just booking and release details. This additional information may be useful for attorneys, relatives, or for court cases.

Checking Walton County Arrest Records and Warrants

In addition to inmate lookups, you can also find information on arrests and active warrants in Walton County. This can provide details on someone who may have recently been arrested or who has an outstanding warrant.

The Walton County Clerk of Court provides public access to search for and view:

  • Arrest records – Details on past arrests including charges, date, booking agency.
  • Warrants – Details on active warrants in the county along with charges.

These records can be searched by name to find information on a specific person. Any matching arrest or warrant records will be displayed and can be viewed.

This can supplement an inmate search by providing arrest and warrant history. It may help locate someone who was recently taken into police custody or verify if someone has an active warrant for their arrest.

Contacting the Walton County Jail

For any detailed inmate records, booking reports, visitation policies or other questions, the Walton County Jail should be contacted directly.

The jail can be reached at:

Walton County Jail
752 Triple G Road
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433

Phone: (850) 892-8196

General inmate information and records must be requested by phone or mail. For postal mail, inmate records can be requested by writing to the jail address above. Be sure to include the inmate’s full name and identification number if known.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office may charge a small fee for producing and sending copies of inmate records by mail.

Visitation at the jail can be arranged by phone as well. The visitation schedule and policies are available on the sheriff’s website. Proper identification is required.

For any questions regarding bail bonds, release dates, inmate accounts, or other information, the administrative staff at the jail should be contacted.


Searching for information on current and past inmates in Walton County, Florida can be done either online or through the sheriff’s office and jail.

The online inmate lookup tool provides quick and easy access to find prisoners in the county jail along with basic details.

For more comprehensive arrest reports, records, visitation policies, or other questions, the Walton County Jail administration should be contacted directly.

They can provide approved information to attorneys, families, and other authorized parties in accordance with records regulations.

Knowing how to lookup Walton County inmates online or access their detailed records through the jail can provide useful information for many purposes.

FAQs About Walton County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Walton County jail?

You can search for inmates in Walton County jail using the online inmate lookup tool on the sheriff’s office website. Enter the first and last name or identification number to view arrest information and booking details.

What is the Walton County inmate search website?

The website for searching inmates at Walton County jail is www.waltonso.org. This provides an online search form to lookup prisoners by name or ID.

How can I visit an inmate at Walton County jail?

To arrange for visitation with an inmate at Walton County jail, you can contact the jail directly by phone at 850-892-8196. Visitation schedules and policies are available on the sheriff’s website. Proper ID is required.

Does Walton County jail have inmate phone calls?

Yes, Walton County jail provides phone services for inmates to make calls. Friends and family can set up prepaid accounts to receive calls. Phone usage may be limited by the inmate’s housing unit.

Can you view Walton County mugshots online?

The Walton County inmate lookup tool online displays mugshot photos along with inmate booking details. Mugshots for new arrests may also be posted on private third-party sites, but the sheriff’s office website provides official booking photos.

Where is Walton County jail located?

The Walton County jail facility is located at 752 Triple G Road, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433. This address is in the central part of Walton County.

What info is included in Walton County inmate records?

Inmate records at Walton County jail include details like booking date, charges, court cases, sentence, housing, medical info, visitation log, phone calls, inmate account balance, etc. More detailed than the online search.

How can I lookup Walton County arrest records?

Arrest records and warrants in Walton County can be searched at the Clerk of Court’s website. Enter a name to view matching arrest history and active warrants.

What is the capacity of Walton County jail?

The Walton County jail has a designed capacity to house approximately 300 adult inmates. The current jail facility was built in 1991.

How do I send mail to an inmate at Walton County jail?

To send postal mail to a Walton County inmate, address it to the inmate’s full name and ID number along with the address: Walton County Jail, 752 Triple G Road, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433.

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