Taylor County Inmate Search

If you need to find someone incarcerated in Taylor County, Florida, there are search tools available online and through the local sheriff’s office.

This guide covers inmate lookup options, arrest records, court documents, and Department of Corrections resources to help locate jail detainees and state prisoners from Taylor County.

With the proper steps, you can gain visibility into the status and facility location of an offender arrested or convicted in the region.

Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

About Taylor County, Florida

Taylor County sits in northern Florida between Tallahassee and Gainesville. It has around 22,000 residents. The county seat is Perry.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office manages jail operations throughout the county. Major facilities include:

  • Taylor County Jail
  • Taylor Annex

People arrested in Taylor County will be booked into these jails while awaiting trial or serving short sentences. Longer-term inmates transfer to Florida state prisons.

Taylor County Jail System

The main Taylor County jail is located at:

  • 12865 Court Street Perry, FL 32348

This facility houses just over 100 adult inmates. New Taylor County arrests will be processed here first before potential transfer.

Searching for Inmates in Taylor County Jails

Taylor County Inmate Search

If you believe someone was recently arrested in Taylor County, start your search with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office:

Using the Online Inmate Lookup

The Sheriff provides an online jail inmate search here:

Search by the person’s first and last name. If found, it provides their ID number, race, sex, age, and current housing.

This lookup makes finding Taylor County jail inmates quick and easy. But it only covers local jails.

Requesting Physical Jail Records

To obtain official records on a Taylor County inmate, you can:

  • Call 850-838-3505
  • Visit the Sheriff’s Office at 108 North Jefferson Street Perry, FL 32347

Provide any details you have on the incarcerated individual. Physical jail records can provide valuable background on their arrest and detention.

Checking Arrests and Criminal Charges

If an inmate search comes up empty, the person may have already moved through the court system. The next step is browsing arrest and court databases.

Look for Taylor County bookings and mugshots on public sites like:

  • https://mugshots.com/search.html?q=taylor+county+fl
  • https://florida.arrests.org/arrests/taylor-county_fl/

For formal charges and convictions, search court records on the Clerk of Court site:

Having verifiable case files can determine if they entered state corrections.

Florida DOC Prison Records

The Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) manages major state prisons holding long-term convicts.

Inmates sentenced to 1+ years in Taylor County will transfer from the local jail to DOC facilities across Florida.

To lookup these state prisoners, use the DOC inmate locator:

This allows you to search the full Florida prison population by:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Sex
  • ID numbers
  • Age
  • Convictions

If found, it provides the assigned prison facility, release date, and background. Expanding your search to the DOC system is key if someone disappears from Taylor County records.

Finding Transferred State Prisoners

Follow these steps when searching for state prisoners from Taylor County:

  • Check Taylor County inmate lookup
  • Search Taylor County arrests and mugshots
  • Lookup court records for convictions
  • Use Florida DOC inmate locator
  • Call DOC at 850-488-5021
  • Request records by mail from DOC

Even if they are no longer in the Taylor County Jail, transferring to a DOC facility means they likely appear in statewide records.

Tips for Taylor County Inmate Searches

Here are some top tips for finding inmates from Taylor County:

  • Try online tools first before contacting offices directly
  • Search recent bookings and charges if the inmate search misses someone
  • Check the Florida DOC system for sentenced offenders
  • Don’t assume they’re in the County jail still if convicted
  • Look for transfers to other county jails or state prisons
  • Verify someone’s incarceration before sending money or packages
  • Consider hiring a private investigator for difficult cases

Using the right online and physical records, you can locate where a criminal offender is currently detained in the Taylor County and Florida correctional systems.


Searching for an incarcerated person requires checking the local Taylor County jail roster as well as the statewide Florida DOC records.

Use the Taylor County Sheriff’s online lookup first, then expand your search to court cases and prison inmate locators if needed.

With the proper search steps, you can gain visibility into the status and location of someone arrested or convicted in Taylor County. This guide provided the key inmate search tools and strategies.

FAQs About Taylor County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Taylor County jail?

You can search the Taylor County jail inmate roster online at http://www.taylorcountysheriff.org/corrections using their first and last name.

What is the phone number for Taylor County jail?

The main phone number for Taylor County Jail is 850-838-3505. Call this number for more information on inmates.

Can you visit an inmate in Taylor County jail?

Yes, you can schedule in-person visits with Taylor County jail inmates by calling 850-838-3505. You will need the inmate’s name and ID number.

How do I put money on a Taylor County inmate’s account?

You can deposit funds into a Taylor County inmate’s account online at https://deposit.accesscorrections.com or by phone at 1-866-232-1899. Have their ID ready.

What are the inmate visitation hours at Taylor County jail?

Inmate visitation hours at Taylor County Jail are Sunday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm. Visits must be scheduled in advance.

Where do I send mail to a Taylor County inmate?

To send mail to a Taylor County jail inmate, address it with their full name and ID followed by: Taylor County Jail, 12865 Court Street, Perry, FL 32348.

How can I lookup Taylor County arrest records online?

Many sites provide Taylor County arrest records online, such as https://mugshots.com/search.html?q=taylor+county+fl and https://florida.arrests.org/arrests/taylor-county_fl/.

What is the address for Taylor County Jail?

The address is 12865 Court Street, Perry, FL 32348. This is the main jail facility.

How much does it cost to call an inmate at Taylor County jail?

Phone calls made by inmates at Taylor County Jail cost approximately 17 cents per minute on average. Calling must be done collect or by prepaid account.

How do I find a state prisoner from Taylor County?

To find state prisoners transferred from Taylor County, search the Florida DOC inmate locator at http://www.dc.state.fl.us/appcommon/.

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