Santa Rosa County Inmate Search

Santa Rosa County, located in northwest Florida, operates the Santa Rosa County Jail system with facilities in Milton and Navarre.

For friends and family members of these inmates, as well as members of the public interested in arrest records and mugshots, there are several ways to find information on current and past Santa Rosa County Jail prisoners.

To search jail inmate records in Santa Rosa County, Florida, you can use the online inmate search or jail roster provided by Santa Rosa County. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

The inmate details available include a photo, name, inmate status, visitation status, booking number, booking date, age on booking date, bond amount, address given, statute, court case number, charge, degree, level, and bond.

If you wish to schedule a visit or send mail or money to an inmate at Santa Rosa County Jail, please contact the jail at (850) 983-1100 for assistance.

Searching for Current Santa Rosa County Jail Inmates

The easiest way to check if someone is currently being held as a Santa Rosa County jail detainee is to use the Sheriff’s Office online inmate lookup tool.

This searchable database provides information on the name, age, booking date, projected release date, current housing location, and bail amount set for detainees.

The inmate locator gets updated every 30 minutes to provide near real-time data on the jail population.

In addition to the online lookup, you can call the Santa Rosa County Jail at 850-983-1100 to inquire about a specific inmate. Jail staff can confirm if the person is in custody and may provide additional details on their incarceration status.

Public records aggregator sites like Vinelink also allow you to search for Santa Rosa County prisoners by first and last name and view their basic booking details.

These third-party inmate locators pull data from the official jail records to provide expanded access to public arrest records.

Understanding Santa Rosa County Inmate Records

When someone gets booked as a detainee into the Santa Rosa County Jail, a detailed record gets created including their mugshot, physical description, booking date/time, arresting agency, list of criminal charges, bail amount, and housing location.

These jail records contain personal details and may not be fully available to the public.

You can request specific Santa Rosa County inmate records by filing an information request with the Sheriff’s Office. However, they may redact certain confidential personal or medical details of the incarcerated inmates before releasing any records.

Basic arrest data like mugshots, charges, conviction history, and release dates are generally considered public information.

News outlets and private databases collect Santa Rosa County booking photos and arrest data to publish mugshot galleries and crime reports online.

However, these third party sites are not comprehensive or always up-to-date like the official county jail records.

Finding Santa Rosa County Arrest Information

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office provides public arrest reports and logs detailing recent bookings into their correctional facilities.

These arrest records list the name, age, charges, and basic details on individuals taken into custody in the jurisdiction.

Local news media outlets often publish stories reporting on high profile Santa Rosa County criminal arrests like homicide cases, major drug busts, or arrests of public figures.

These news reports can provide additional details on the circumstances and events leading up to an arrest.

There are also private background check services and criminal record databases that may include arrest information from Santa Rosa County public sources. These sites typically charge a fee for full access to their records and arrest data.

Accessing Santa Rosa County Jail Inmate Mugshots

Like many jurisdictions in Florida, Santa Rosa County jail booking photos are considered public records available to anyone upon request. The Sheriff’s Office may charge fees for compiling and printing physical copies of Santa Rosa County mugshot photos.

To obtain digital copies of mugshots, your best options are online mugshot publishers like Busted Mugshots,, and Just Mugshots.

These sites feature searchable Santa Rosa County mugshot galleries collected from public booking records. However, some sites charge fees or have paid subscription tiers to view certain mugshots.

Keep in mind that the publication of jail-booking photos raises privacy concerns if the detainee was never formally charged or convicted of a crime. Santa Rosa County officials warn that mugshots contain only allegations, not proof of guilt.

Contacting and Visiting Inmates at Santa Rosa County Jail

If you have a friend or family member currently jailed as an inmate in a Santa Rosa County correctional facility, there are a few options for contacting them:

  • Send care packages, letters, greeting cards, photos, and postcards to inmates via postal mail. Address mail clearly with the recipient’s name and inmate ID number.
  • Schedule phone calls with prisoners through the jail’s online service. Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes and cost-per-minute rates apply.
  • For in-person visits with an incarcerated loved one at the Main Jail, you must schedule an appointment online up to 7 days in advance. Visits are non-contact, limited to 20 minutes, and conducted via video screen.

Follow all Santa Rosa County Jail policies regarding permissible mail items, dress code, and visitation rules to avoid issues.

Finding Information on Released Santa Rosa County Inmates

If the inmate you are searching for is no longer in custody, they likely were released after posting bail, completing their sentence, or being transferred.

To check inmate release dates from Santa Rosa County Jail, use the online lookup tool and enter their name. Recent releases usually get posted within 12-24 hours.

You can also request their full records from the county jail or sheriff’s office to see their release details, mugshots, convictions, and more.

For felons who served longer sentences, the Florida DOC offender database can provide information on their current status such as probation, parole, or rehabilitation programs. Vinelink and similar public record sites also collect released inmate data.

Santa Rosa County Security Level

The Santa Rosa County Jail prioritizes the security of inmates, staff, and the public with stringent measures in place.

Security features include constant surveillance via closed-circuit television cameras, regular cell checks, and inmate counts conducted by correctional officers.

Controlled access is maintained in different areas of the jail, and thorough screening is applied to all incoming mail and packages. The facility enforces strict visitor screening and controlled visitation procedures.

The jail houses a diverse range of offenders, including those awaiting trial, serving short sentences, or awaiting transfer to a state prison. Both male and female inmates can be accommodated.

Correctional officers play a crucial role, responsible for maintaining order, ensuring safety, conducting checks and counts, supervising inmate activities, managing emergencies, and enforcing facility rules.

Specific practices may vary, and for the latest and most accurate information, individuals should consult official resources from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office or the detention facility.

 Santa Rosa County Location and Contact Details

When contacting the Santa Rosa County Jail, it’s crucial to utilize official communication channels and adhere to established guidelines and procedures for effective handling of inquiries or correspondence.

Official Mailing Address:

For sending letters or official documents, use the following address:

  • Santa Rosa County Jail
  • 5755 East Milton Road
  • Milton, FL 32583

Make sure to comply with all mailing rules and restrictions when sending any correspondence.

Official Phone Number:

  • For general inquiries, you can contact the Santa Rosa County Jail at:
    (850) 983-1100
  • Ensure to call during regular business hours and be prepared for potential wait times due to high call volumes.

Official Website:

For additional information or specific online services, visit the official website of the Santa Rosa County Jail.


Searching for information on current and past Santa Rosa County Jail inmates involves using tools like the sheriff’s office online lookup, jail records requests, news reports, and mugshot publishers.

With access to public arrest and release data, you can find relevant information on incarcerated individuals from Santa Rosa County. Just remember to use any criminal record data responsibly while respecting inmates’ privacy.

FAQs About Santa Rosa County Inmate Search

How can I find someone in Santa Rosa County jail?

You can search for inmates in Santa Rosa County jail using the online inmate lookup tool on the Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the person’s first and last name to see if they are currently incarcerated.

What is the Santa Rosa County Jail address?

The Main Jail complex address is 5755 East Milton Rd, Milton, FL 32583. The Navarre Jail is at 1700 Navarre School Rd, Navarre, FL 32566.

How can I visit an inmate in Santa Rosa County?

To visit an inmate at the Main Jail, you must schedule an appointment online up to 7 days in advance. Visits are non-contact via video for 20 minutes. Follow all jail visitation rules.

How can I send money to an inmate at Santa Rosa County Jail?

You can deposit money in an inmate’s commissary account online, by phone, mail, or at kiosks in the lobby. Take the inmate’s ID number to properly identify the account.

How can I find mugshots for Santa Rosa County arrests?

Mugshot websites like and Busted Mugshots feature searchable databases of booking photos. You can also request mugshots from the Sheriff’s Office.

Where are Santa Rosa County arrest records published?

The Sheriff’s Office posts recent booking reports and arrest logs online. News outlets report on high profile arrests. Private background check sites collect arrest data.

How can I lookup criminal records in Santa Rosa County FL?

You can search court records, contact the Clerk of Courts, or use a private background check service to lookup criminal records in Santa Rosa County.

How do I send mail to an inmate in Santa Rosa County?

Address mail clearly to the inmate’s full name and jail ID number. Follow guidelines on allowed mail items. Send mail via USPS or use Smart Communications for packages.

How do I find past or released inmates of Santa Rosa County Jail?

Check Vine link and the online inmate search for recent releases. For longer sentences, contact the Sheriff’s Office or Florida DOC for records.

How do I call an inmate at Santa Rosa County Jail?

You can set up phone call accounts on IC Solutions and schedule 15-minute calls with inmates. Calling rates apply per minute.

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