Lake County Inmate Search 2024

Locating information on inmates housed in the Lake County Jail in Florida can be done through various online lookup sites and directories.

This guide provides details on conducting a Lake County inmate search, checking inmate records, and finding information on arrest warrants, bail bonds, visiting rules, and more. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

Lake County Jail Information

The Lake County Jail is operated by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and houses inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing. Some inmates are also serving short county jail sentences at the facility.

The address and contact information for the Lake County Jail is:

Lake County Jail
550 W Main St
Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: (352) 343-9500

The jail has a capacity to house around 600 inmates. Both male and female inmates are housed in separate cell blocks.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office manages all inmate intake, processing, and releases. They also handle operations for the jail facility.

Searching for Inmates in Lake County

There are a few different methods available to search for current and recent Lake County inmates:

Lake County Inmate Lookup

The quickest way to find inmates is by using the online Lake County inmate lookup on the Sheriff’s Office website. This free search allows you to lookup inmates by:

  • First and last name – Search by full inmate name
  • Booking date – Find inmates booked within a certain date range
  • Booking number – Lookup by the unique booking number

The Lake County inmate search results will display the inmate’s name, booking date, expected release date, charges, bond amount, and current housing location in the jail.

You can also see complete booking details and mugshots on inmate profiles.

Lake County Jail Roster

Another option is browsing the Lake County Jail roster, which lists all current inmates housed at the jail. This provides basic information like inmate names, booking date, charges, and cell location.

The roster has to be manually searched if looking for a specific inmate. But it allows you to browse all current inmates.

Lake County Inmate Records

Comprehensive Lake County inmate records can be found on third-party sites like Vinelink by Offender Watch. These sites compile publically available inmate data from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office into full detainee profiles.

Lake County inmate records generally include:

  • Inmate details – Full name, age, DOB, race, etc.
  • Booking details – Arrest date, release date, booking number, status
  • Charges – Current and previous charges
  • Bail amount – Bond amount and status
  • Mugshots – Booking and previous mugshots
  • Court info – Upcoming court dates, hearings, etc.
  • Sentencing – Details on conviction and sentence
  • Incarceration history – Previous stints in the Lake County Jail or other facilities

These expanded inmate profiles allow you to check for updates on bond status, charges, and release date. Most third-party sites offer free basic inmate lookups and paid account options with added search tools.

Checking Lake County Arrest Records and Warrants

When an individual is arrested in Lake County, a record is created that documents their apprehension, charges, and booking into the county jail. These Lake County arrest records are public information that can be searched online.

Arrest records will provide details on the circumstances of the arrest like location, date, charges, and arresting agency. Many will also list identifying information, mugshots, and bond amount.

Lake County Booking Blotter

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office provides a daily booking blotter, which lists all bookings into the jail facility in the past 24 hours. This includes:

  • Inmate name
  • Age
  • Arresting agency
  • Booking date/time
  • Charges

The booking blotter allows you to look up recent Lake County arrests.

Lake County Arrest Warrants

Active arrest warrants in Lake County can also be searched. An arrest warrant means law enforcement is actively seeking to apprehend the individual listed on the warrant.

Felony and misdemeanor Lake County warrants can be found through sites like the Lake County Clerk of Courts by searching individual names. The warrant will provide information on:

  • Person’s name and vital details
  • Criminal charges
  • Judge who issued the warrant
  • Bond amount
  • Warrant issue and expiry date

Arrest warrants list individuals currently evading law enforcement in Lake County.

Lake County Mugshots

Booking mugshots are taken when a person is arrested and processed into the county jail. These Lake County mugshots can be viewed on the Sheriff’s Office website, third-party sites, or in arrest records.

Mugshots provide visual identification of the arrested individual along with their name, vital statistics, charge, and date of booking.

Visiting an Inmate at Lake County Jail

If you need to visit an inmate held at the Lake County Jail, you can schedule visitation during set visiting hours:

  • Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Times: 9am to 11am, 1pm to 3pm

Visits are limited to two 15-minute non-contact video sessions per week. All visitors must be approved and added to the inmate’s visitation list.

General visitation rules for the Lake County Jail include:

  • Valid photo ID required
  • Dress code enforced – avoid revealing clothing
  • No purses, bags, or cell phones allowed
  • No physical contact between inmates and visitors

Other options for contacting incarcerated individuals include sending mail and scheduling phone calls. The Lake County Jail allows inmates to receive letters and postcards (no packages). Phone calls can be made on inmate phones using prepaid accounts.

Bail Bonds and Inmate Release in Lake County

After an arrest, inmates can be released from the Lake County Jail if they pay bail, have the charges dropped, or are released on their own recognizance.

Paying Bail in Lake County

Bail is a sum of money set by the courts to ensure an arrested person returns for their court dates. Each inmate will have a bail amount assigned to them, which can be paid through:

  • Cash paid directly to the jail
  • Secured bond paid at the jail
  • Professional Lake County bail bondsman

Using a bail bondsman only requires paying a small percentage of the total bail amount upfront as a fee. Bondsmen may also offer payment plans.

Lake County Inmate Commissary

Inmates at the Lake County Jail can purchase items through the jail commissary using accounts funded by friends and family. Commissary items include snacks, toiletries, clothing, writing supplies, etc.

Inmates are also allowed to receive funds while incarcerated to pay for phone calls, medical co-pays, and other jail fees.

Lake County Inmate Release

The expected release date for Lake County inmates can be found by searching individual records. Release dates depend on the specific charges and sentence.

Pre-trial inmates may be released if charges are dropped or upon posting bail. Sentenced offenders are released after serving their full sentence.

The Lake County Jail provides release reports that list inmates recently released from custody.


Conducting an efficient Lake County inmate search requires knowing where to find key information on current and former jail inmates.

Resources like the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website, local court records, and third-party inmate lookup sites can help you find Lake County incarceration records, arrest warrants, mugshots, and more.

Understanding the jail’s rules for visitation, phone calls, sending inmate money, bail bonds, and the release process is also useful for those with a family member or friend held in the county facility.

With the right approach, you can successfully search for needed information on Lake County inmates.

FAQs About Lake County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Lake County jail?

You can search for inmates in the Lake County Jail using the online inmate lookup tool on the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name, booking date, or booking number to view their booking details and housing location.

Is there a way to look up inmates for free?

Yes, the Lake County Sheriff provides a free online inmate lookup tool on their website that allows you to search for inmates by name, booking date, or booking number.

How can I visit an inmate in Lake County Jail?

Visits must be scheduled ahead of time during visitation hours on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-11am or 1-3pm. Visitors must be approved and on the inmate’s visitation list. Valid ID is required and a dress code is enforced. Visits are non-contact.

What are inmates allowed in Lake County Jail?

Lake County Jail inmates are provided basic necessities like uniforms, bedding, meals, etc. They can also purchase approved items like snacks, stationary, stamps, and toiletries from the inmate commissary using personal account funds.

How do you put money on an inmate’s books in Lake County?

Friends and family can deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account online through the jail’s online deposit service or by visiting the lobby kiosk at the Lake County Jail. Money orders can also be mailed to the inmate.

Can you bond someone out of Lake County Jail?

Yes, inmates can be bonded out of Lake County Jail if they have an assigned bail amount set by the court. You must contact and pay a bail bonds company or pay the full bail amount directly to the jail to bond out an inmate.

How can I look up arrest records in Lake County FL?

Lake County arrest records can be viewed on the Clerk of Courts website by searching an individual’s name. Arrest reports outlining charges, arresting agency and mugshots can also be found on sites like the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website.

Is Lake County Jail clothing allowed?

No, inmates are required to wear official jail-issued uniforms while incarcerated. Clothing from outside the facility is prohibited for security reasons.

What happens if you have a warrant in Lake County FL?

If you have an active arrest warrant in Lake County, law enforcement will attempt to locate and apprehend you. Once arrested, you will be booked into the Lake County Jail to await your court date or sentencing hearing.

How do I send an inmate a letter in Lake County?

You can mail letters or postcards to inmates at Lake County Jail at: [Inmate Name and ID], Lake County Jail, 550 W Main St, Tavares, FL 32778. All incoming mail is inspected by jail staff before delivery.

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