Hendry County Inmate Search 2024

When a person is arrested in Hendry County, Florida, they are taken to the Hendry County Jail. The Hendry County Jail houses inmates who are awaiting trial, awaiting sentencing, or serving short county jail sentences.

Finding out whether someone is currently being held as an inmate in the Hendry County Jail is often the first step for friends and family members looking to locate, visit, or bond out a loved one.

An inmate search can also provide critical information about an inmate’s charges, bail, booking details, and more. Visit Florida inmate search page for statewide information.

This guide provides information on how to perform a Hendry County inmate search and access records on current and recent jail inmates through the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

About Hendry County Jail

The Hendry County Jail is located in LaBelle, Florida, and is operated by the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office. The current jail facility was built in 2004 and can house over 400 adult inmates.

In addition to housing local arrestees awaiting trial or serving short sentences, the Hendry County Jail also holds detainees for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office oversees jail operations and inmate management. The Sheriff’s Office also maintains all Hendry County inmate records, including booking logs, mugshots, and records of arrests made by Hendry County law enforcement agencies.

Ways to Search for Inmates in Hendry County

There are several ways Florida residents can go about locating current and recently incarcerated inmates held at the Hendry County Jail:

Hendry County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

The most direct way to search for Hendry County Jail inmates is through the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office inmate search online. This search portal allows you to look up current inmates by:

  • First and last name
  • Booking number
  • Date of birth

After entering the search details, the system will display matches based on the name, birth date, and booking number of inmates currently detained at the Hendry County Jail.

Each search result includes the inmate’s ID booking number, full name, sex, race, and date of birth. Clicking on an inmate’s name will show additional details such as their mugshot, listed charges, bond amount set, and next court date.

Hendry County Jail Inmate Search

The Hendry County Jail website has its own online inmate lookup search. This database provides information on current inmates held at the Hendry County Jail, which includes:

  • Inmate full name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Hair and eye color
  • Height and weight
  • Booking date
  • Projected release date
  • Housing location
  • Bond amount

Visitors must accept the site terms and enter a captcha code to perform a search. You can lookup inmates by first name, last name, or inmate ID number.

Hendry County Inmate Lookup

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to lookup inmates in Hendry County Jail:

Step 1 – Navigate to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office website

Go to the official website for the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office at http://www.hendrysheriff.org/. This is where you can access their inmate lookup system.

Step 2 – Locate the Inmate Search page

On the top menu bar of the Sheriff’s Office website, find and click the link for “Inmate Search”. This will take you directly to the inmate lookup tool.

Step 3 – Choose a search method

The Inmate Search page allows you to lookup current Hendry County Jail inmates in three ways:

  • By first and last name
  • By booking number
  • By date of birth

Decide which search method you want to use to find the inmate.

Step 4 – Enter the search details

Type the first and last name, booking number, or date of birth of the inmate you are looking for into the appropriate search field. Make sure the information entered is accurate.

Step 5 – Click Search

Once the inmate details are entered, click the “Search” button. This will pull up any inmate matches based on the name, booking number, or DOB provided.

Step 6 – Select the inmate

The search results will display a list of all matching inmates currently detained in Hendry County Jail. Click on the name of the specific inmate you are searching for.

Step 7 – View inmate details

After selecting a particular inmate, their booking details will open up. This includes personal details like date of birth, sex, race, height and weight. It also provides information on the charges they are booked for, bond amount set, and next court date.

Step 8 – Repeat another search if needed

If you do not find the inmate you are searching for, go back to the search page and try looking them up using a different search method like booking number instead of name. Repeat steps 3-7.

Step 9 – Lookup released inmates through records requests

The online inmate search only provides info on current inmates. To lookup past inmates no longer in custody, you will need to submit public records requests to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office for old booking logs and releases.

That covers the step-by-step process for searching and finding inmates in the Hendry County Jail using the online lookup tool provided by the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

Hendry County Jail Records

Those looking for older Hendry County jail records beyond the current inmate population can also make public records requests to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office maintains booking and release logs that can be requested by filing a public records request form. Jail records requests may incur copying and processing fees.

Inmate booking and release reports can provide valuable information and details on past Hendry County Jail inmates no longer in custody.

What Information is Available in Hendry County Inmate Records

Hendry County inmate searches and records include a variety of details on current and past jail inmates:

Inmate Booking Details

Inmate booking reports list an arrested person’s full name, age, sex, race, date and time of booking, housing location, and unique jail identification number. These logs provide a complete lookup of all bookings and releases.

Inmate Charges and Offenses

When searching inmate records on the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office website, you can view the charges and criminal offenses the inmate was arrested for. This includes any felonies, misdemeanors, or other crimes alleged.

Inmate Bail and Bond Information

Hendry County inmate records also provide details on the inmate’s bail or bond amount set by the court. This determines the payment amount needed to bond the defendant out of jail while their case is pending.

Inmates who cannot afford their bail amount or are not bond-eligible must remain in jail until their criminal case resolves or bail gets posted.

Inmate Mugshots

The inmate lookup on the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office website displays mugshot photos of incarcerated individuals. Mugshots provide visual identification of the inmate.

However, mugshots are not always available immediately after booking. It can take up to 24 hours for mugshots to get uploaded and linked with the inmate’s record.

Inmate Visitation Details

The Hendry County Jail inmate search provides information on the facility’s visitation policies and visiting hours. Getting visitation approved is important for family members and friends to see incarcerated loved ones.

Visits must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Hendry County Jail. Valid government-issued ID is required.

Understanding Hendry County Arrest Records and Warrants

Beyond the Hendry County Jail inmate population, there are also publicly available records covering arrests and outstanding warrants issued in Hendry County.

The Sheriff’s Office maintains and provides arrest reports detailing:

  • Defendant name
  • Date and time of arrest
  • Arrest charges
  • Description of the circumstances leading to the arrest
  • Arresting officer’s name

Arrest records can be requested from the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office or Clerk of Court through public records requests.

Active arrest warrants issued by Hendry County courts are also searchable through databases like the Hendry County Warrant Search portal. This allows the public to check for any outstanding warrants associated with a particular name.

However, confidential warrants related to ongoing investigations may not be viewable.

Checking Hendry County Court Records

Many people appearing as Hendry County Jail inmates have open criminal cases making their way through the local court system.

The public can look up information on these cases through the online Hendry County Clerk of Court portal. This database includes:

  • Upcoming court dates
  • Charges filed
  • Case numbers
  • Defendant and plaintiff names
  • Booking numbers
  • Case documents like motions and orders
  • Final case dispositions and sentences

Court records provide broader insight into a Hendry County inmate’s criminal proceedings beyond just the booking and jail details.

Contacting the Hendry County Jail

If you cannot find an incarcerated person in the Hendry County inmate search systems, or need additional information, you can directly contact the Hendry County Jail by:

  • Phone: 863-675-5407
  • Address: 1280 N Main St, LaBelle, FL 33935

The jail staff can check if someone is currently booked even if they do not appear in inmate searches yet. You can also call the jail to learn more about sending money to inmate accounts, visitation sign-up, inmate phone services, and other jail policies.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

The Hendry County Jail in Florida does not limit the amount of mail inmates can send or receive.

However, jail staff will open and inspect all non-official mail that comes into the facility for security reasons. The jail also has the right to photocopy any incoming mail, again for security purposes.

All mail being sent to inmates at Hendry County Jail must go through the regular US Postal Service mail system. Friends and family cannot drop off letters or packages directly at the jail.

If you want to mail a package to an inmate, you should first contact the Hendry County Jail to ask if packages are allowed and what items can be sent.

There are usually restrictions on the type of contents allowed for safety reasons. Getting approval ahead of time ensures the inmate will be able to receive your package successfully.

Sending Money

Inmates at Hendry County Jail have commissary accounts to receive funds. But there are limited options for sending money to inmates.

All monetary deposits into an inmate’s account must be mailed to the jail, preferably as a money order. Cash or personal checks are not accepted.

Phone Calls

Inmates at Hendry County Jail can make phone calls to their attorneys and family members. All inmate phone calls are restricted to 20 minutes maximum.


The Hendry County Jail allows visitation from immediate family members including siblings, grandparents, spouses, legal guardians, and children. Up to 3 non-relatives can also visit if approved by the jail in advance.

All visitors must show valid Florida ID and sign into the visitor log. For full visitation guidelines, you can contact the Hendry County Jail at 863-675-1853, 863-674-4060, or visit their website.


Performing a Hendry County inmate search is the first step in locating arrested loved ones and finding critical information on their charges, booking status, bail, and upcoming court dates.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office provides the most up-to-date online inmate lookup searches for currently detained persons. For past jail records and broader arrest data, public records requests can be filed with the Sheriff’s Office or Clerk of Court.

Understanding the various options for Hendry County inmate search methods and data sources can help families and friends stay informed on a loved one’s situation.

FAQs About Hendry County Inmate Search

How can I search for an inmate in Hendry County Jail?

You can search for inmates in the Hendry County Jail through the online inmate search portal on the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office website. Enter the inmate’s first and last name, booking number, or date of birth to lookup current jail inmates.

What information is provided in a Hendry County inmate search?

Hendry County inmate searches provide information like the inmate’s mugshot, full name, sex, race, date of birth, booking date, charges, bond amount, and next court date.

Is there a way to lookup past or released Hendry County inmates?

Past and released inmates can be looked up by submitting public records requests for jail booking and release logs through the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office. However, only records of current jail inmates are available online.

How can I lookup Hendry County arrest records and warrants?

Hendry County arrest records and active warrants can be searched on portals like the Hendry County Warrant Search website. You can also submit public records requests to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.

Where are Hendry County criminal court records located?

Hendry County criminal court records such as case documents, charges filed, court dates, and dispositions can be found through the online case lookup portal on the Hendry County Clerk of Court website.

When can I visit an inmate at Hendry County Jail?

The Hendry County Jail has visitation hours every day from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Visits must be scheduled in advance by contacting the jail at 863-675-5407.

What are the steps to bailing someone out of Hendry County Jail?

To bail out a Hendry County Jail inmate, you must pay the full bond amount set by the court by cash, cashier’s check, or through a bondsman. The inmate can then be released from custody.

How do I put money in a Hendry County inmate’s account?

You can deposit funds into a Hendry County inmate’s account by visiting www.jailatm.com or calling 1-866-345-1884. You will need the inmate’s first and last name and booking number.

Can I get an inmate out of Hendry County Jail early?

There is no way to get an inmate out of Hendry County Jail early unless the court lowers the bond amount or releases the defendant on their own recognizance without needing to post bond.

How can I send mail to an inmate at Hendry County Jail?

You can send letters and postcards to inmates at Hendry County Jail addressed to: [Inmate Name and Booking Number], Hendry County Detention Center, 1280 N Main Street, LaBelle, FL 33935.

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