Bradford County Inmate Search

Searching for an inmate in Bradford County can provide important information about someone who has been arrested or is currently incarcerated in the county.

The Bradford County Jail houses inmates who are awaiting trial or serving misdemeanor sentences.

There are a few ways to lookup Bradford County inmates and their records through official search tools online.

Understanding what is included in these jail records and inmate searches can help you find the details you need.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about performing an inmate search for those being held or who have been detained in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Bradford County Jail Prison Information

Jail NameBradford County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location945-B N. Temple Ave.
Starke, FL 32091
Contact Numbers(904) 966-6250
Postal CodeP O Box 310,Starke, FL 32091
CountyBradford County
Jail WebpageWebsite

About Bradford County Jail

The Bradford County Correctional Facility, located in Troy, PA, is the main jail that serves Bradford County.

It houses adult inmates who have recently been arrested by local police departments as well as those serving misdemeanor sentences of less than two years.

The county jail has a capacity for around 160 inmates. Those who have been sentenced for longer periods are typically transferred to state correctional facilities.

In addition to the county jail, there are several local police departments and state police troops that make arrests in Bradford County. These include:

  • Towanda Borough Police
  • Sayre Borough Police
  • Athens Township Police
  • Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Towanda

Knowing where an individual was arrested can help point you to the right place when performing an inmate lookup or records search.

Searching for Inmates in Bradford County

Bradford County offers an online inmate search tool to lookup information on current and recent jail inmates.

There are also options to request records and background checks through the county sheriff’s office.

Using the Inmate Lookup Tool

The Bradford County Correctional Facility hosts an inmate search on their website that allows you to search for individuals who are currently or were recently in their custody.

To use the inmate search tool, go to

Here you can search by:

  • Inmate name – full or partial name
  • Inmate ID – booking number
  • Date of birth

The search will return results that match your criteria, along with basic details on the inmates like name, age, gender, race, and location in the facility.

This lookup tool provides instant access to the current inmate roster and those processed in the last 3 days. For those no longer in custody, records may be available through other means.

Finding Records and Information

In addition to the online lookup, there are a few other ways to find jail records and background information on inmates in Bradford County:

  • Request records from the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office. This can provide access to older inmate records, arrest records, mugshots and more.
  • Perform a criminal background check through the Pennsylvania State Police. This costs around $10 but provides full access to state-level criminal records.
  • Search court records for information on upcoming or past court dates, charges filed, and case outcomes. The Bradford County Prothonotary office has an online case search.
  • Contact the facility directly for assistance in locating records on past inmates of the Bradford County Jail.
  • Search newspapers and public records for articles mentioning past arrests and court cases.

Casting a wide net across these various record sources can help piece together fuller background information on a Bradford County inmate’s history and charges.

What Information is Available in Bradford County Inmate Searches

When performing an inmate search in Bradford County, what details can you expect to find on prisoners in their system? Here are some of the key pieces of information available:

Basic inmate details

  • Full legal name and aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Last known address

Bradford County Arrest Records and charges

Bradford County Arrest Records are public records that contain an individual’s criminal history record which are available in Bradford County, Florida.

They are maintained and available for public request from a number of government agencies, From Federal, FLORIDA State, and Bradford County level law enforcement agencies, including the local Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Bradford County Court.

Bradford County Criminal Records contain an individual’s arrests, arrest searches, inquiries, warrants, reports, logs, and mug shots, including the date and location of arrest, arresting agency, charges and offenses, upcoming court dates, and bail amount and bond status.

Bail and bond information

When someone is arrested, key details around bail and bond often need to be determined. The amount set for bail by the court is important, as this is the total required to secure release from jail before trial.

It’s also critical to know whether bond has been posted yet, either by the defendant themselves or through a bail bondsman.

Bondsman details like the fees charged and collateral secured are useful to understand the full terms of release.

Finally, if bail is met the expected release date from jail needs to be confirmed. Having clarity on bail amount set, current bond status, bondsman arrangements, and potential release timing allows for informed decisions around securing pre-trial release.

This bail and bond information paints a full picture – from the bail amount set by the judge, whether bond has been posted and by whom, bondsman details if one was used, and ultimately the release date if the bail terms are fulfilled.

Release date

  • If sentencing completed, expected release date
  • Or date moved to state prison if longer sentence

Bradford County Mugshots

Photographs taken at the time of an inmate’s booking, commonly known as mugshots, are typically included in public records.

These images serve as visual identification records and are often accessible online through an inmate’s profile on the jail’s roster. They can also be obtained along with other incarceration records.

However, the availability of mugshots can vary based on county and state laws, As well as the policies of the specific jail. Some jurisdictions may limit access to mugshots due to privacy considerations.

If you are seeking a mugshot, it is advisable to contact the Bradford County Jail or visit the Inmate Lookup Bradford County website.

Tips for Using the Bradford County Inmate Search

When performing an inmate lookup for Bradford County Jail, keep these tips in mind to get the best search results:

Have the inmate’s full name

Ideally search with complete first and last names for the best chance of matching active or recent records. Partial names or misspellings can hamper results.

Check spelling of names

Double check the accuracy and spelling of any names being searched. Even small discrepancies can cause faulty lookups.

Try nicknames or aliases

If a legal name isn’t matching, try searching for known nicknames or aliases. These may be used during intake and booking.

Search recent arrests

Focus inmate lookups on recent arrests or charges, as active inmate populations fluctuate quickly. Older records may be unavailable online.

Understand records availability

Active inmate rosters only provide a snapshot in time. Criminal records searches access more historical data but availability varies.

Using the inmate search tools properly enhances your chance of successfully locating information on someone who has been incarcerated or detained in the Bradford County Jail.

Armed with the right name, date of birth, or inmate ID number, you can find out their current status and full background.

Visitation Guidelines for Bradford County Inmate

Visiting an inmate in Bradford County jail comes with specific guidelines around schedule, eligibility, and procedures.

Bradford County has set visitation hours on certain days of the week, and visitors must be on the inmate’s approved list.

There are criteria for who can visit, including age limits for minors and background checks for adults. Proper identification is required, including valid photo ID.

Security procedures include passing through metal detectors, allowed items inspection, and dress code enforcement. Contact visits may have restrictions.

Visitors should adhere to rules around physical contact. Visitation schedules and eligibility can change, so confirm details with Bradford County before arriving.

Following the official visitation guidelines helps ensure a smooth process for approved visitors to see incarcerated loved ones in Bradford County jail.

Rules and Regulations for Visits

  • Visitors must present a valid government-issued Photo ID.
  • You might get searched before your visit.
  • If you’re under 18, You need an adult with you.
  • Inappropriate behavior may lead to the termination of the visit.

 Bradford County Inmate Visitation Hours

DayOperating Hours
Monday8:00 A.m. – 5:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 A.m. – 5:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 A.m. – 5:00 PM
Thursday8:00 A.m. – 5:00 PM
Friday8:00 A.m. – 5:00 PM

Bradford County Inmate Call

Aking phone calls as an inmate of Bradford County jail comes with specific guidelines and procedures.

The facility records and monitors all inmate calls, except privileged calls to legal counsel.

Calls are time-limited, to 20 minutes, and inmates must dial approved numbers directly with no options or features. Call rates are set by the jail’s provider and billed to the recipient’s account.

Both parties must accept charges. The inmate’s account must have sufficient funds for any fees deducted per call. Three-way calling is prohibited.

Following the rules around recording, time limits, approved contacts, charges and account funds helps inmates maintain communication while incarcerated.

Understanding the standard procedures for Bradford County inmate calls provides guidance for both the inmate and the recipient.

Securus Phone System Cost & Fees – *Subject to Change

Call TypeCost per Minute ($)
ADVANCE CONNECT Phone Calls$0.21 per minute
INMATE DEBIT Phone Calls$0.21 per minute
DIRECT BILL Phone Calls$0.25 per minute
TRADITIONAL COLLECT Phone Calls$0.21 per minute
VOICEMAIL Message$0.75 per minute

Bradford County Inmate Mail

Sending mail is a crucial way to stay in touch with an inmate and create a positive atmosphere. You can contact the inmate via the below mail address:

  • Inmate’s Full Name & Inmate ID#
  • Bradford County Jail
  • P O Box 310
  • Starke, FL 32091

Bradford County Jail Inmate Mail Guidelines


The Bradford County Jail ONLY allows inmates to receive pre-metered postcards like the type purchased from the post office .

  • Minimum size: 3.5 Inches by 4.25 inches. Maximum size: 4.25 inches by 6 inches.
  • Postcards mailed with a stamp will be rejected.
  • It is best to only use blue or black ink.
  • Always include your name and return address.
  • Envelopes with personal letters are NOT allowed.

Postcards MUST be mailed to the following address:

  • Inmate’s Full Name & Inmate ID#
  • (Postcards only!)
  • Bradford County Jail
  • P O Box 310
  • Starke, FL 32091

For more information, Visit Inmate Search Bradford County website or contact them directly.

Bradford County Inmate Booking Information

Here is an explanation of step-by-step methods for finding Bradford County inmate booking information:

Search for the inmate online – If you know the full name of the inmate, search for them directly through the Bradford County jail website, which has an inmate lookup tool. This will show basic booking details.

Contact the jail – Calling the Bradford County jail at (904) 966-6161 allows you to speak with staff and request booking information if you have the inmate’s name and date of birth or booking number. They can provide details over the phone or through a mailed record.

Visit in person – Going to the Bradford County jail facility in person at 945 N Temple Ave, Starke, FL 32091 allows you to make an in-person request for inmate booking records with proper identification.

Search court records – For recent arrests, the Bradford County Clerk of Court office may have booking information available through their online court records database.

How To Deposits In Inmate Account?

If an inmate needs money for things like stationery, snacks, or personal items, you can use these methods:

Online Deposit: The easiest way is to use an online service. Check the jail’s website or contact them to find the official service provider.

Money Orders: You can send a money order to the jail with the inmate’s name and booking number. Keep in mind, This might take longer because of mail times.

In-person Deposit: Some jails let you deposit money in person. You should ask Bradford County Jail directly about this option.

Regulations and Limitations Send money to Inmate in Bradford County

Sending money to an inmate in Bradford County jail comes with specific regulations and limitations. There are rules around how much can be deposited into an inmate’s account, acceptable forms of payment, and who can send funds.

Bradford County jail has a maximum deposit amount per day, week, or month, and only accepts certain payment types like money orders or cashier’s checks.

The sender’s full legal name and return address must be provided. Funds may only come from approved sources on the inmate’s contact list.

All money orders are subject to review and must follow precise mailing instructions.

Understanding the specific regulations and limitations set by Bradford County jail is crucial when arranging deposits into an inmate’s account.

Following the rules around maximum amounts, payment forms, sender identity, and mailing details allows families to successfully provide funds needed for phone calls, commissary, and other expenses.

For the latest info on sending money, Check the Bradford County Jail’s Website or contact them directly.

Bradford County Location and Contact Details

Address: 945 N Temple Ave, Starke, FL 32091

Phone Number for Sheriff’s Office: (904) 966-2276

Phone Number for Jail: (904) 966-6161

Fax Number: (904) 966-6165

Mailing Address: P.O. Drawer B, Starke, FL 32091


Performing an inmate search can provide important details on someone who was arrested or jailed in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

The county offers an online inmate lookup tool for accessing records on current and recently released prisoners.

Additional records on past charges, arrests, and court cases can be found through criminal record searches, court dockets, sheriff’s office records requests, and public databases.

Understanding what information is available and tips for effective searches allows you to find the Bradford County inmate details you need.

FAQs About Bradford County Inmate Search

How do I find someone in Bradford County jail?

You can search for someone in Bradford County jail using the online inmate lookup tool provided by the Bradford County Correctional Facility. Enter their first and last name or inmate ID to view their booking details and status.

What jails are in Bradford County PA?

The main jail in Bradford County is the Bradford County Correctional Facility located in Troy, PA. This jail serves the central Bradford County area. Some smaller police department holding facilities may also temporarily house arrestees.

Does Bradford County correctional facility have an inmate search?

Yes, Bradford County Correctional Facility provides an online inmate search tool on their website that allows you to lookup current and recently released inmates of their jail. You can search by name, inmate ID, or date of birth.

Is Bradford County Jail a federal prison?

No, Bradford County Jail is a county-level jail that houses inmates who have been arrested locally or those serving short misdemeanor sentences.

It is not part of the federal prison system. Longer-term sentenced prisoners are transferred to state facilities.

How can I visit an inmate at Bradford County prison?

To visit an inmate at Bradford County Correctional Facility, you typically need to be on their approved visitation list. Visits must be scheduled in advance online or by phone. Valid ID is required and visitors are subject to security screening and search.

Does Bradford County correctional facility give free phone calls?

No, Bradford County Jail does not provide free phone calls for inmates. All calls must be made collect or by creating a prepaid account with the third-party provider IC Solutions. Friends and family must pay for received calls.

Can you look up inmates online for Bradford County PA?

Yes, Bradford County offers an online inmate lookup tool on their website where you can search for inmates by name, ID number, or birthdate. It provides information on current inmates and those processed in the past few days.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in Bradford County?

To add money to a Bradford County inmate’s account, you can deposit funds online through, over the phone, at lobby kiosks, or by mailing in a money order. You’ll need the inmate name and ID number.

How do I send mail to Bradford County correctional facility?

To send mail to an inmate at Bradford County Correctional Facility, address it to their full name and inmate ID number, 201 Fairground Road, Troy, PA 16947. All mail is inspected for contraband. Only postcards and letters are allowed.

Where are Bradford County PA prison records?

Bradford County prison records can be found by contacting the Bradford County Prothonotary Office to request copies of criminal records for convictions at the county level.

The Pennsylvania State Police also maintain records for all state-level convictions.

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